Every now and then the girl you’re dating, your girlfriend or even wife, may come up with the idea of a romantic night in. In this situation you may get lucky, the girl you’re with may be a top chef with more Michelin stars to her name than syllables.

However for most men, this means going outside of their comfort zone and surprising her with a meal to match the occasion. Ordering food in this situation is the cowards way out, getting someone else to cook it in advance is plagiarism, and beans on toast means you’re getting dumped.

So what do you do? You only have one real option, you cook one of the 10 dishes we’re about to show you. All of the following dishes are easy enough to make for any man, but will bring that wow factor to the table.


The 10 Best Stay-Home Date Meals Any Man Can Cook


  • Spaghetti Bolognese

best meals for men to cook

Spaghetti bolognese is a great meal for any man to cook. It’s quick, easy and affordable. It also has the benefit of being considered a romantic meal, think Lady & The Tramp. Any Italian meal seems to hit the spot when trying to impress a woman, and this is probably your safest dish.

The only disadvantage is that she expects this dish. If you’re quite a predictable man, and have never shocked her before, it may be best to avoid the spaghetti bolognese and choose one of our following dishes.


  • Omelette & Rice

meals to cook for your girlfriend

It may sound basic to begin with, but imagine what you could do with these two foods. Rice goes with multiple sauces and extras, such as sweet and sour sauce and peas. An omelette can be filled with everything from cheese, ham or even the rice itself. Get creative!


  • Pasta & Chicken

meals to cook for your girlfriend

Who doesn’t like chicken? Who doesn’t like pasta? Exactly! Combine these two for a great mix of textures. You can again include sauces, vegetables and even garlic bread to add something extra to your dish.


  • Steak

meals for my girlfriend

This may be a little more difficult to cook, but a perfectly cooked steak works wonders. A steak can be combined with whatever you feel works best. This can include fries, potatoes or even salad. The main meal here is the steak, so focus on that and work around it.


  • Baked Potato & Chilli

what you can cook for your girlfriend

Again this one is extremely easy to do, but the combination of textures and flavors combined with butter can satisfy anyone’s taste buds. This meal is for those men who are with women that prefer to eat in moderation. No one wants to cook a meal and see the person not finish it. This light meal with make sure that the dish isn’t too overwhelming.


  • Cheese Lasagna

meals men can cook for women

Cheese lasagna can be as complicated as you wish. You can add a simple layer of cheese on top, or multiple layers of cheese to really surprise your date/partner. It can also be combined with things like meatballs, sausages and so on, the possibilities with this dish are vast and exciting.


  • Chicken Stew

meals for your girlfriend

Chicken stew is again very easy to make. It is also something that you can make personal to your partner/dates tastes. You can include vegetables, potatoes and even other minor pieces of meat. When presented in the correct manner, it can surprisingly look like an expensive meal that took a while to make.


  • Stir Fry

what to cook for my date

A stir fry is about as basic as a stew, but it is far from the same meal. A stir fry will typically contain vegetables, chicken, peppers and sauces. When cooked right, and combined with the correct ingredients, a stir-fry can be very appetizing.


  • Home-made Pizza

what to cook for your girlfriend

Everyone loves pizza, if you didn’t have to cook, you’d probably go ahead and order one anyway. So why not show off by displaying how much effort you’ve put in, and make a pizza from scratch. Ordering a pizza won’t go down too well, but telling a woman that you’ve made the entire thing yourself seems to work well. Sometimes the effort overwhelms the result.

Home made pizzas are great because you’re in control, you can make them specific to your tastes or your date/girlfriends tastes. Be creative, but remember, too many ingredients may spoil the taste.


  • Curry

what to cook for your girlfriend on date night

Curry can be a risk, but using the right ingredients will enable you to get it right. A curry doesn’t always have to be extremely hot or spicy, a mild curry is just as easy to make. You can also use many ingredients including lamb, chicken and even rice as a combination. Many people like to combine their curry with naan bread, which go together perfectly.


What To Remember

Remember that a home date night is meant to be a romantic occasion. This means that whatever you cook has to heighten the mood not ruin it. You don’t want the smell of fish to overpower the house while you’re eating or watching a movie afterwards, neither do you want bad breath if things move to the bedroom later on. Be smart and think before you cook.