Manners are a must for every man. It’s great to go out into the world, get what you want and be assertive. But combining this with good manners, respect for others and politeness, will surely bring about the best results.

By doing this you form great friendships, make less enemies and will be respected by far more people. In this post we’re going to show you 10 ways to improve your manners overnight.


10 Ways You Can Improve Your Manners


  • Holding Open Doors

This is as old as any on this list. Opening doors for others includes standard doors, elevator doors and even car doors. By doing this, you’ll be viewed as a gentleman and a good person.


  • Letting Others Go First

Children compete with one another to get somewhere first. Adults kindly let others go in front of them. This doesn’t mean in life, it just means when possible. Obviously you don’t want to give up life changing opportunities just to be kind. But dropping back in a line by one place for an elderly woman is admirable behavior.


  • Giving People The Last Of Something

Again, taking the last of something is child like behavior. Adults understand that there are more people in the world than themselves. They step back and offer the last, food, drink or even treat to someone else. This may hurt in the short term, but it will gain you trust and respect in the future.


  • Making Sacrifices

This includes giving up your chair/seat, giving someone a lift when they live in the opposite direction, or even missing your favorite show in order to help someone out. This doesn’t mean being walked on by everyone, of course there’s a limit. But this kind of behavior simply feels good, everyone loves to help others.


  • Saying Pardon Instead Of What

What, is one of the rudest words to use as a singular in the English language, especially if it’s used with the incorrect tone or forcefulness. To avoid this mistake try and get into the habit of using pardon more than what, eventually it’ll become second nature.


  • Eating Etiquette

Eating etiquette could have its own list of ten, but here are some of the basics. Never go to the toilet during a meal. Don’t start eating before someone else. Make sure you take smaller mouthfuls. Use your knife and fork with the correct hands. No phones at the table. Avoid belching and other gaseous projections. Let others order first. Make sure you study eating etiquette, no one wants to be caught out when on a date with a beautiful woman and labelled rude.


  • Avoid Swear/Curse Words

We all curse from time to time. It’s hard not too when you walk into a table and so on. But it’s best if you avoid them as much as possible. When you’re young it may sound cool, but around more mature people, curse words simply make you sound common and unintelligent. A curse word is usually used when someone cannot think of anything to say, it’s a filler word. You don’t want to give off this impression.


  • Dress Well

As Tom Ford said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners and a show of respect to those around you”. He’s right, by not taking pride in yourself, you give off the impression that you’re someone who doesn’t really care. People will assume you are far less polite than a well dressed man, even if you aren’t.


  • Listen More Than You Speak

Too many people love to voice their own opinions so much, that they completely ignore those around them. Halfway through someones sentence, they cut in and rudely assert their own views. Don’t be this person. Make sure you’re present when around others, this means no phones, no distractions and no interruptions. Just listen and make eye contact.


  • Increase Your Pleases & Thank You’s

A very simple trick. It doesn’t cost anything to say please and thank you to those around you. No one is going to get angry or tell you to stop, if you increase the number of pleases and thank you’s in your speech, just try it.