It’s well known that the more we do something the more chance that a change will occur.

Hit the gym everyday for a year and chances are your body will look completely different to how it did before.

Now consider your face. Your face contains many muscles and soft bones that can also be altered by consistent movements.

If you were to press your hand against your nose for 10 years, then when you lifted your hand away, I doubt it would look the same.

In a less extreme way, people can have vast facial changes that either make them more attractive or less attractive. In this post we’re going to focus on all of the modern day influences that are contributing to poor facial growth and resulting in 95% of the worlds population having misalignment’s of some kind.

You’ll notice that this list contains many things you’ve never heard of before, but then again what’s the point in releasing an article that repeats what everyone is saying with things you know already?


Thumb Sucking/Dummies

It may be too late to prevent this one, but it provides information as to why you may not be the swan among ducklings. It also enables you to prevent it happening to your kids too.

Sucking on a thumb or a dummy will result in puffier cheeks, teeth misalignment and narrow upper jaw width which creates all sorts of issues in the future.



Smoking uses the same action as a thumb or dummy, then adds in another negative movement through blowing out. This will puff out your cheeks even more giving your the appearance of a fatter face. It’s simple muscle hypertrophy. The more you use it, the bigger it gets.

I see videos online of people telling you to puff your cheeks out into to make them thinner. This may lose body fat initially, but long term this will simply increase the size of the buccinator muscle and cause a puffy face once again regardless of body fat.


Lollipops & Ice Creams

Again we see that sucking action that pulls everything out of line, puffs the cheeks up and narrows the upper jaw.


Soft Foods

Soft foods result in less chewing. This gives people smaller jaw muscles which results in a sloping face that falls back and down. You jaw is your foundation, it holds everything up under the weight of gravity. Fail to make this strong enough during childhood and you’ll have issues in adulthood. By working this muscle everything can be reversed, but it’s a lot of hard work.

Soft foods also encourage us to suckle once more. No one has ever chewed vigorously on soup. You simply blow to cool it down, then suckle in order to swallow. This creates a whole host of problems.


Straws/Sippy Cups

Again we see that suckling motion more commonly found in children. Any adults that use straws consistently will have facial misalignment, it’s inevitable.



Sugar isn’t good for the body full stop. But it’s what it does to your muscles that has the greatest effect on your face. Sugar prevents your muscles from growing properly and prevents them from restructuring. The more sugar you eat the less progress your muscles will make resulting in that sloping open mouth look that so many people have developed.


Minor Facial Ticks

Like we said, the more you perform a certain action, the bigger the change. It’s not a coincidence that people begin to look like one another the longer they’re together. Science has proven this in couples that have been married for lets say 20 years or more.

This happens because they end up copying each others facial expressions. Although there’s no evidence towards this, it may also suggest why good looking girls are usually in the same friendship groups. If you grew up together since the age of 2 and spend hours and hours together, then there’s going to be similarities in the way you look.

If you consistently puff your cheeks out in a sighing motion because your father did, then expect to look exactly like your father who probably has fatter cheeks. Then people have the nerve to call it genetics!


Watching TV

This isn’t concrete science, but most peoples mouths will open when they’re watching TV or playing video games. This forces the tongue to drop to the bottom of your mouth, dragging the face back and downwards giving you that gaunt look.

Of course if you can maintain good facial posture, then all of this is irrelevant, but most people simply get caught up in what’s happening on screen and their face falls apart.


Consumption Size

Have you ever noticed how members of Royal families, or successful people at dinners take the smallest of bites? This is because they’ve been trained to do so. The more food you put in your mouth in one go, the harder it is to swallow. Therefore you end up compensating by using your cheeks, lips and other facial muscles causing over-development in regions of your face that lead to lower attractiveness and an unattractive forced swallow at that moment in time.


Consumption Temperature

Try and eat red hot food. You’ll spend half of your time with your mouth open gasping for air and scrunching your entire face in order to swallow. Be smart, eat your food at a reasonable temperature and swallow it with ease.


Not Chewing Food Properly

People eat too quickly, this is not new information. We’ve had to invent utensils because people are so greedy that they’re not chewing enough. This lack of chewing will lead to under developed jaw muscles and thus a falling face. This will also cause the food you eat to be stored as fat which doesn’t help. By chewing properly you release the correct enzymes in your gut to digest the food.



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