There are many lessons to be learned when it comes to money, but the most important ones are mind-set lessons.

We’re not talking about learning to love money, subliminal recordings or other self-improvement related features.

We’re talking about changing your mind in order to make money. Knowing how it works, figuring out how people work, how the world works and actionable steps that will put physical cash into your hands.

There are three lessons we want to take you through today, three lessons that will change the way you think about making money.


Lesson 1

Money Is Logical

People forget this fact. Making cash isn’t as uncertain as people make it about to be. The man sitting at home every day doesn’t get rich unless he wins the lottery.

People believe that making a lot of money is based on luck, but it’s the complete opposite. Making a lot of money comes down to doing the right things, working hard and being in the right industries.

Don’t complain about being broke if you’re working a 9 to 5 job with minimum wage.

Don’t complain about being broke if you start a local business in a place with a small population and never re-invest your profits, it’s just illogical!

Forget luck, you make your own luck, and you do so by positioning yourself to earn money.

This is why so many rich people have brands that are tailored towards luxury sectors. This is where the money is.

Why charge $10 for a product when you can charge $1000? You may make less sales, but even 3 sales a week will give you a good life.

Money doesn’t just land on your lap, it’s like a computer algorithm. Imagine money as Google indexing the web. It looks around for special key features. The real Google looks for site speed, this money Google may search for professionalism as a ranking factor.

Money finds its way to those with everything in place. A professional brand, good product, great work ethic and more. Money isn’t randomly assigned, just like Google doesn’t randomly put a terrible website top of the rankings.

The best people come out on top. If you’re doing everything correctly, you’ll make money. The biggest mistake is to blame every aspect except yourself or your product/service.

Don’t point fingers, people aren’t idiots. If something isn’t selling there’s a simple reason why. Look internally and closer to home, eventually you’ll find that reason and everything will click into place.

A puzzle may frustrate you and you’re adamant that this piece goes there. However once you see the actual piece you need everything makes sense and you realize that you were wrong.

Earning money is a case of finding those pieces and putting them in place. Can’t land any clients? It’s not that they’re all idiots, it’s that you’re missing something or you don’t align with them.

The moment you see the problem everything makes perfect sense, the hardest part is being critical of yourself and looking past your own ego.

In short, money ends up in the hands of the people best prepared and suited for it.


Lesson 2

You Can Fail One Million Times, But You Only Have To Get Rich Once

People try and try and try to become rich, but they fall flat on their face time after time. They eventually give up, but this is their biggest mistake.

No matter how many times you fail, once is all it requires to have everything erased.

You could fail your driving test 100 times, but as soon as you pass none of the other attempts matter. You’re still allowed on the road with everyone else and are treated no differently when behind the wheel.

Making money is the same. If you go bankrupt 100 times, but finally manage to climb up and make it, then you once again have a clean slate.

The man who never tries stays broke. The man who is willing to take rejection after rejection and keep trying, will eventually make it. Then they become the one who is called successful, receives all of the accolades and benefits of life.

Making a lot of money is like a silver bullet for your past. You could be broke and homeless, but once you make it all of that is forgotten and your life is never the same.

The message in this lesson is simple. Why quit? If you don’t make it the first time, the second time or third time, keep going. You’re only ever one idea, one change, one piece of information, one innovation, one piece of content and one game away from making it.

You don’t fail until you quit, and you could be closer than you think!


Lesson 3

Money Is Everywhere

A lot of people believe that money is like show business in the 40’s, where the only place to be was Broadway.

But millionaires are popping up everywhere. There are famous singers in Romania who are paid thousands by the Mafia for performing, they live in mansions, drive Ferrari’s and live like kings. Outside of Romania nobody knows them.

There are millionaire business men living in Nigeria who take ideas from more developed countries and then do them where they are.

Money isn’t all located in one place. You don’t need the US, Canada or the UK to make money, you can do it anywhere.

Alibaba is a great example. Jack Ma decided to create the Chinese EBay, he’s now a billionaire and Alibaba is bigger than Facebook and Amazon.

Instead of viewing the world in close proximity, take a look around. There may be opportunities out there that you’re missing in tiny and unassuming countries that happen to have large populations, or even in individual cities with a taste for a certain feature.

There may be developing countries who are ready for Western world technology.

Africa is going to be a cash cow in the next 15-20 years. Take every idea in America right now and imagine all of those ideas making their way over to Africa, because that’s about to happen.

More millionaires and billionaires will be made from the continent of Africa in the next 15-20 years than we can count, it’s going to be a simple copy and paste job because the blueprints have already been written.

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