Cell phones are radiation bombs. Cancers in all areas are on the rise. Bluetooth and WiFi amplify these effects.

Those three sentences right there should be enough to make you panic about your health.

The thing that I immediately think about when I hear this is…

Where are phones located the most frequently? The answer is four areas.

  1. In our pockets
  2. Under our pillows
  3. Next to our heads when making a call
  4. In our hands 

As men all of these should scare us.

1. In our pockets

This region is tender. By having our cell phones in our pockets for 8 hours a day, everyday, we’re hitting our testicles, prostate, sperm and penis with an abundance of radiation.

There’s a reason why prostate cancer and testicular cancer have risen. There’s also a reason why male infertility is a growing issue and male sperm counts are at an all time low. The logical suggestion would be to take your cell phones out of your pockets.

2 & 3. Under our pillows and next to our heads

There’s no point doing these separately because they’re affecting the same region of the body. Most people put their phone to their ear when having a conversation. Scientists claim that by doing this only 30 minutes a day, you increase your risk of a brain tumor by 40%.

Now look at sleep. So many people sleep with their phone under their pillow. That’s roughly 7-8 hours of radiation to your head/brain region, with nothing but cotton and feathers to protect you. Unless you slept on a lead pillow, that radiation is going to cause problems.

4. In our hands

This is an area that is in constant contact with our phones. However we’ve not really seen reported cases of hand cancer. What we do know however is that your hand is part of your body. Therefore the more you handle your phone, the more at risk you are of other areas of the body becoming damaged.

The Solution

Use your phone, but don’t abuse it. Your phone is a technological device not a wife. You don’t have to get into bed with it, cuddle it, fondle it and so forth.

If you’re walking around the town/city, put it in a bag, it’s not the hardest thing to do.

If you’re going to sleep, put your phone over the other-side of the room with an alarm set, this is also a clever way to make sure you get out of bed in the morning without hitting snooze.

If you’re not using your phone at that moment in time, then why is it near you or in contact with you? So many people hold onto their phones like babies in their arms even though they’re not using them. This is a hugely unnecessary way to increase exposure.

When talking on the phone, use loud speaker or headphones. It’s easier and safer.