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If you are looking to lose some weight you are probably looking at diet plans and exercise plans. These are great ways to transform your unhealthy habits into good ones, but did you know that there are a variety of sneaky ways that can make you lose weight? These clever tricks can help you start to cut your waistline with minimal effort. Many of these tricks are simply small parts of larger diet and exercise plans but doing them individually will help you begin your weight loss journey and it will help prepare you to successfully commit to a full diet plan in the future. In this article I will compile a list of these sneaky ways to lose weight.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Portions

Portions have become increasingly large and it has made us form a new, and arguably unhealthy idea of how much we should be eating. By simply making sure that you cut your portions down, you can help yourself lose significant amounts of weight. The less you eat, the less calories there will be that can get stored as fat if they remain unused. You can do this at home by using smaller plates. Smaller plates means less space to put your food, so unless you decide to pile all of your food on top, then you won’t be able to serve yourself large portions of food. This simple method can help you start losing weight today!

  1. Keep Your Snacks in an Inconvenient Place

This trick will put a buffer between you and your snacks. What this will do is create a moment in between your desire for the snack and you actually grabbing the snack. In this moment you are allowed the time to ask yourself whether or not you actually want the snack and therefore you also have the time to give yourself an answer to that question. Of course it’s up to you to say no. This method merely gives you the proper opportunity to actually think about the decision before you make it. If you can successfully say no most of the time, then you will be well on your way to losing weight.

  1. Eat Spicy Food

This may seem like a weird tip for losing weight but it comes with very practical reasoning. Spicy foods like hot peppers will effectively raise your metabolism. A high metabolism will convert more of the food that you eat into usable energy thus making you feel more inclined to participate in physical activities. In addition, if you are not accustomed to spicy foods, this hot addition to your meal will slow down the rate at which you eat. This is important because, many of us have the unfortunate tendency to eat so fast that our stomach does not have enough time to tell our brain that we are full. This means that many of us overeat. Overeating obviously does not help with weight loss. By adding spicy foods to your meals you can effectively avoid this overeating issue and take one step closer to losing the weight that you want to.

  1. Eat At Home More Often

You have probably heard this tip a thousand times but maybe it’s time that you take it seriously. Eating at home can be as beneficial as you want it to be. This method can have a range of benefits, from eating food that is healthier for you to being home with your family. Ultimately, the best thing about eating at home is that you avoid eating at nasty fast food restaurants. This alone can help you start to lose weight. Refraining from eating fast food can also help you build up the motivation to begin exercising as well. By eating at home, you also have full control over what you are going to eat. This can put a level of responsibility back onto your shoulders which can encourage you to eat properly.

  1. Switch Things Up

If you exercise regularly in any capacity then switching up your exercise routine can yield considerable weight loss results. If you do not exercise then try and vary your daily routine to include some form of exercise. This does not need to be anything crazy. You can start off by going for a half hour walk around the neighborhood or anything like that. Simply get off your butt and go do something!

Varying your routine will continuously switch the parts of your body that are being exercised and this will cause your body to burn more calories. The more calories you burn, the more weight you will lose. In addition, varying your routine can help you stay engaged and entertained by your activities. After all, doing the same thing every day can become monotonous and boring. When routines become boring, especially exercise routines, that is usually when people throw in the towel and give up completely.

Once you have started to become more comfortable with making a few changes to your lifestyle, you can begin committing to a full diet and exercise plan. One such diet plan that you may consider is the HCG diet. This stands for the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin very low calorie diet. This diet consists of 4 phases, loading, very low calorie dieting, stabilization and maintenance. These 4 steps will undoubtedly make you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Many, if not all of the above tips for losing weight can be incorporated into this diet and others. This combined effort will help make your efforts yield better results.

In this article I have provided a list of 5 simple methods that will help you lose weight. These methods do not require any strenuous effort but they do provide real ways to get real results. These methods should be treated as a bridge to bigger and better things. That is because, depending on how much weight you would like to lose, you will most likely want to engage in a larger, more rigorous dieting plan at a later point. These methods give you a way to ease yourself into a larger change. The key is to not get discouraged! Take small steps first, and the results will please you so much that you will want to push yourself to the next level. Begin any or all of these methods today and watch your weight go down while your attitude goes up.