Firstly I’d just like to state that we don’t encourage alcohol consumption at MSi, as we always get questions when we bring this topic up. But at the same time we’re here to help men all around the world, some who drink, some who don’t. We ask that everyone is respectful to the varying lifestyles of our multi-cultural visitors. Thank you.

The Science

An embarrassing moment from alcohol consumption, I imagine a few of you have been here. But how does it all happen? You followed every rule in the book, ate a good meal before, took it steady and didn’t mix your drinks. Yet it’s 4am and you’re face down in the back of an Uber with a loyal friend doing the duties of getting you back safely.

Well there’s actually science behind why some people can drink more than others and it’s not very complicated.

The more you drink the better you can handle it.

No surprises there!

We all have a protein produced in our liver called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) which enables us to deal with alcohol as it enters the system. The more you drink, the more of this protein that is produced. This means that over years of alcohol consumption your body will build up a tolerance through an epigentic/environmental change.

This is why we commonly see 50 year old men handling their drink like seasoned veterans and 21 year olds with their heads in the nearest toilet or bowl.

According to science, the more you drink the more ADH you produce. But this isn’t the end of it. They also claim that you can reverse this effect by going alcohol free for a few months. However the consequence will be a lower alcohol tolerance.

What To Do About This

But what does this mean? You can hardly start drinking day in and day out in order to make sure that you can handle your drink in the future. The health implications would be dramatic.

The key here is to be aware. The huge danger is going from drinking regularly, to not drinking at all. You see someone who never drinks, will know they have a lower limit and perhaps not push it. But someone who’s use to drinking but took a break, may be hit harder than they were before due to less ADH being produced in the liver.

This leads to that embarrassing moment that we’re all trying to avoid.


Count The Days

The average person who does drink alcohol, may go 2 weeks to 1 month without an alcohol related event to attend. This means that between this time-frame their liver has adapted to produce less ADH, meaning that they will feel the effects of alcohol quite severely.

Being able to count the days since you last drank is so important to how you behave. If you know you haven’t touched a drop of alcohol for a long time, then ease yourself back in. It’s better to have a good time on less, than to let your ego control the night and end up as the party clown come 2AM.

There’s nothing worse than a guy who’s trying to fight everyone, falling all over the place and is behaving like a frat boy. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap, be aware of your ADH levels, think about the last time you consumed alcohol and plan your night according to that.