In body transformations we take a look at male fitness icons from all over the world. We breakdown how they achieved the perfect body and we reveal their top tips so you can begin your journey. In this post we’re taking a look at Alexander Skarsgard and his workout for the movie The Legend Of Tarzan.



Name: Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgard

DOB: August, 25, 1976

Height: 6ft 4 inch/193cm

Weight: 195 lbs/88kg

Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden

Age Of Transformation: 38/39


Workout Routine


  • The aim of the workout was to achieve a lean muscle style body that resembles someone living in the Jungle eating a paleo diet and swinging from vines all day long.
  • Alexander needed to be agile, mobile and flexible to convince the fans that he was the real Tarzan, therefore being too big was not an option.
  • The main aim was low body fat.
  • He started 6 days out of 7 with a 3 mile run wearing a heavy backpack.
  • Alexander focused on one body part each day. Monday: Chest Tuesday: Back Wednesday: Shoulders: Thursday: Arms Friday: Legs Saturday: Intense Cardio (to stay lean) Sunday: Rest Day
  • In the morning his workouts focused on higher weight consisting of 6-10 reps with 60-90 second rests. In the afternoon his workouts focused on lower weights and 25-30 repetitions with 15-30 second rests.
  • The first session enabled Alexander to gain the muscle and posture he needed. The second session ensured that he didn’t get too big. This raised his metabolism and forced his body to burn fat giving him his ripped core.
  • Alexanders abs have received the most attention. He used circuit sessions 5 times a week with 1 minute rests consisting of, medicine ball sit-ups, flutter kicks, leg levers, hanging knee ups and reverse crunches.




  • Chicken cutlets were a go to meal for Alexander throughout
  • Dieting became a religion for Alexander for the entire process, so much so that he broke down in tears when he was told he could eat anything he wanted after months of dieting.
  • Alexander deployed the steak and eggs diet for two weeks out of four, then ate a balance of 40% good carbs, 30% protein and 20% healthy fats for the other 2 weeks. This prevented him from losing too much muscle by restoring carbs as an extra energy source.


The Numbers


  • Alexander trained and dieted for 4 months
  • He would wake at 4.30am every day except Sundays
  • 6 workouts a week, 5 weight related and 1 intense cardio
  • 3,000 calories needed per day due to his 6ft, 4inch, 195lbs frame


Before & After Photo

alexander skarsgard tarzan transformation