In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success. In this post we’re taking a look at the success of Shredz founder Arvin Lal.

(Shredz is a direct marketing nutritional supplement company)



Name: Arvin Lal

DOB: March, 21, 1985

Net-Worth: N/A

Initial Age Of Success: 27 – 28

Mentors: Worked in the corporate world for 8 years, so he gained experienced through this route. But Arvin recalls using YouTube to seek out mentors, most notably, Steve Jobs. Arvin decided it was time to ignore friends, and to start taking advice from people who had reached where he wanted to be in life.


Early Life

  • Arvin first spent 8 years in telecommunications. This gifted him with valuable experience in marketing and business development, that would later become useful for the success of Shredz
  • During a visit to the gym, Arvin came across Chiropractor Michael DiMarco, a friend of his. Michael gave Arvin a self-made, all natural, gluten free supplement and told him to give it a try
  • After a short amount of time Arvin realized how effective this product was, he had lost around 5 lbs and could see visible results around his waist
  • Arvin realized that they could market this product. He ended up quitting his corporate job, moved back with his parents and decided to build Shredz from his parents basement. Unbelievably Arvin began Shredz with nothing more than a 5k credit line and no external investment, which is a trend that continued throughout the growth of Shredz



  • Arvin decided to put his marketing skills to good use. The decision to use social media was put in place, but which platform was still unclear
  • After much debate and research, Instagram was chosen as the platform to take them forward
  • Arvin thought it would be a good idea to use fitness icons with a local following. Jonathon Coyle a 31 year old cross-fit trainer from Orange Country California was seen as the perfect fit
  • The instagram strategy proved extremely effective, as Arvin stated, it turns out that people want to see pictures of fit and beautiful people. The most successful model Arvin used was Paige Hathaway. When Shredz first recruited her, she had 9k followers, today she has millions of followers
  • Arvin made the sacrifice of ending his serious relationship, in order to see Shredz succeed
  • Shredz made $90,000 in its first year of business and $5m in gross-revenue in 2013
  • The trend of no outside investors continued. Shredz had just 21 employees and only used digital promotion
  • Shredz continued to grow, which meant more fitness models willing to promote their brand
  • Shredz was growing at around 15-20% in gross revenue each month


Current Life

  • Arvin wakes up at 9am, gets to work for around 10am and works until 6pm. After that he comes home, trains and works on things outside of Shredz. By 9pm Arvin is changed and ready to go back to work. He then works from 9pm to 2am on what he calls the second shift
  • Arvin is a motivational speaker, with TedX being his highlight. He also creates motivational videos which can be found on YouTube
  • Involved in national Shedz tours
  • Arvin claims he hasn’t watched TV for 5 years, and hasn’t watched a movie in 3


Top Traits

  • Work ethic
  • Online knowledge
  • Online marketing
  • Ability to build a community
  • Hyper-aware of what the people want and need
  • Has a great passion for his company
  • Has a purpose outside of financial gains
  • Ability to balance health and wealth
  • Tech Savvy


Top Tips For Success

  • Work harder than you did yesterday
  • Lead by example
  • Have big self-belief
  • Perform your current job the best you can, it sets personal standards
  • Stop thinking average
  • You’ve got to be a little bit crazy to believe when no one else does
  • Stop watching TV
  • Keeping moving forward, no matter what happens to you
  • Take advice from people who are where you want to be


What We Can Learn From Arvin Lal

  • Work relentlessly if you really want it
  • Be willing to make major and everyday minor sacrifices
  • Always look at the inverted risk. He had a high paying job, yet he saw the risk as not taking the opportunity, rather than taking it
  • Don’t work to retire, work to grow, work for a purpose and work because you enjoy what you do


Best Quote

We thought it would make more sense to show you one of Arvin’s motivational videos…