Purchase our extremely popular attraction course and receive access to exclusive information not available anywhere else on the MSi College website or internet in general. 4 hours of modern day attraction GOLD in audio format. Simply sit back, relax and listen. We’ll do all of the work, you’ll just get the results.

  • Instantly Begin Attracting Women
  • Understand Women Like Never Before & Have Them Chasing You
  • Get Ahead Of All Other Men & Learn Things They Don’t Know
  • Begin Attracting Top Quality Women That Are Relationship Worthy
  • Grow In Confidence & Grow As A Man
  • Understand the world, how women work and how obvious all of the mistakes you’ve been making really are

This course contains a whole range of modules that will cover every topic you’re struggling with and more.

Course Topics

  • How to become better looking
  • How to increase confidence
  • How to nail body language
  • How to approach women
  • When to approach women
  • Why first impressions are everything
  • How to talk to women
  • The Male Advantage
  • The Darwinian Male
  • How to increase social value
  • Location tailoring
  • How to maximize the amount of women who want you
  • How to attract the most beautiful women
  • Mindsets that are holding you back from attracting women
  • How to out alpha other men
  • Removing bad habits such as jealousy
  • How women think
  • How the modern era has changed the game
  • Dating
  • How to be more patient and attract more women than ever with this strategy
  • Forgetting about the script/pick up lines and becoming an adaptable man who can deal with any woman in any situation
  • And more

If you’re still in doubt or have any further questions about the course, please don’t hesitate to email us at msicollegemail@gmail.com 


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