With the average house price in New York, LA and London being around $600,000, it’s clear to see that some locations are reserved for the wealthier individuals.

But are there locations around the world that are just as livable, with beauty, attractions and enjoyment, that can offer us much more affordable housing?

50 years ago this would’ve been a bad idea. Without the internet you would’ve lived like a recluse, never knowing what was going on, having a shortage of work and pretty much detached from the world.

Now you can live in a place with a really long name that no ones ever heard of, make millions from a laptop and still keep up with global events like anyone else.

In this article we’ll show you a few locations that are highly desirable, yet won’t cost you an arm and a leg to live in.


Barcelona – The average house price in Barcelona is around $205k, not bad considering what it offers. Sunshine, beaches, beautiful women, good shopping, culture, sports and it’s situated very well for travelling around Europe.



Lyon – As Paris may set you back in a similar way to London or New York, an alternative is Lyon. Lyon is a beautiful city ripe with culture. In Lyon you can get a 2 bed home for $125k which isn’t bad at all.

Lyon, France.


Dubai – Many people see Dubai as a luxurious destination, but it actually has pretty reasonable house prices considering what you’ll be getting for your money. For around $250,000 you can live in the world’s most futuristic city. Another option is to buy a property in Dubailand, a huge 5 bed, 7 bathroom house could be yours for just $153k.



Amsterdam – The average house price in Amsterdam is $135k, a drop in the ocean when you look at everything Amsterdam has to offer and how close it is to Paris and London.



Cleveland – Cleveland has an average house price of $62k. This means that you can live and own a house in the US for the same price as a new BMW.



Athens – The capital of Greece enables you to live in a 4 bedroom house in a historic part of the world with unbelievable scenary for just $249k


Lisbon – A 3 bed house in beautiful, sunny Lisbon can cost you $128k.



Buffalo – Buffalo is situated in Western New York & only a 2 hour drive from Toronto, yet will only cost you $115k to live there.



Valencia – Probably the best place to live in Spain outside of Madrid and Barcelona. With that being said, it’s still a beautiful place with a large population and will only set you back $250k for a 4 bedroom house.

Valencia, 01 05 2007 Louis Vuitton Round Robin 2 Port America's Cup ©ACM 2007/Photo:Carlo Borlenghi


Havana – Havana is the capital city, largest city, province, major port, and leading commercial center of Cuba. The city has a population of 2.1 million inhabitants and beauty is something that you’ll get used to living around.



Las Vegas –  As a bonus we’ve included the party capital. Staying for one night in a hotel might cost you a bit, but living there isn’t so difficult. For around $203k on average, you could become a permanent resident of Las Vegas.