I imagine everyone has an opinion on where the best place in the world to live is. Certain places just have standout features and are recognized worldwide for being spectacular.

But what about the surrounding areas and accessibility?

Having the best restaurant in the world 100 miles from civilization seems a little bit pointless. Having the best restaurant in world next to a cinema, shopping center and transport services will definitely be an improvement.

It’s the combination of possibilities that adds to the experience.

In this post we’ll be looking at how great certain big name cities are, based on their geographical location. This means how close they are to other great places and how many of these great places are within reasonable flying distance.


Best Place In The World To Live Based On Geographical Location


  • New York

New York is big enough and spectacular enough to stand alone as a great place to live, but what what surrounds it?

Toronto: 1hr 30mins

Boston: 1hr 5mins

Miami: 3hrs 30mins

London: 8hrs

Paris: 8hr 30mins

  • London

London is another powerhouse and situated pretty well in terms of surrounding cities.

Amsterdam: 45mins

Paris: 30-45mins

Barcelona: 2hrs

Madrid: 2hrs 30mins

Munich/Berlin: 1hr 30 mins – 2hrs

Monaco: 2hrs

Milan/Rome: 3hrs-4hrs

North America: 8hrs

  • Paris

Paris is pretty much identical to London, except it’s situated slightly deeper into Europe making it even more ideally located. Paris is also a central hub for fashion, culture and big events, giving it a great combination of features.

London: 30-45mins

Amsterdam: 1hr 15mins

Milan/Rome: 2hrs-3hrs

Berlin/Munich: 1hr 30mins – 2hrs

Athens: 3hrs

Monaco: 1hr 20mins

Barcelona/Madrid: 1hr 30min – 2hrs

Dubai: 7hrs

North America: 8hrs 30mins

  • Tokyo/Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong/Singapore/Seoul/Kuala Lumpur 

These 7 form a ridiculous amount of options that are hard to rival. The longest flight here is around 6hrs 30mins. The most central of these has to be Shanghai which is certainly somewhere that anyone could live happily. Sydney is also under 8hrs away from Shanghai, which is closer than London and New York are to one another.

  • LA

LA is a constant ball of excitement which is why so many people move there each year, but what surrounds it?

San Diego: 55mins

Las Vegas: 1hr 10mins

San Francisco: 1hr 10mins

Toronto/New York: 4hrs 30mins

Cancun: 3-4hrs

Caribbean: 4hrs-5hrs

  • Miami

Miami, sunshine, beautiful women and good times, but where is it situated in relation to other places?

New York: 3hrs 5mins

Toronto: 3hrs 15mins

Caribbean: 2-3hrs

Havana: 1hr 15mins

Cancun: 1hr 30mins

London/Paris: 8hrs 20mins


After looking at all of the data I believe that we have four locations that standout. Paris, London, Miami has an all-star line-up of New York, Toronto, South America and the Caribbean and Shanghai is surrounded by enormous cities who could all stand alone on this list.

If I were to rank these 4 I would say…

4. Shanghai

3. Miami

2. London

1. Paris

The reason for this is because everyone comes to Paris. Shanghai is slightly detached from North America and Europe which makes it drop down in this list to 4th. Paris is marginally better placed than London. Miami is great, but the 8 hours of open water to the east is a negative that isn’t compensated for in other directions. Paris is pretty central to many different locations and a place where some of the greatest people in the world travel to each year.

With all of the fashion, culture and celebrity visits, you’re never too detached from any part of the world. Of course the world is circular so there cannot be a middle, but Paris kind of feels like it’s sitting in the middle, this is why I’m voting Paris as the best geographical place to live.

London and Amsterdam to the North, Barcelona, Madrid, Monaco and Africa to the south, Rome, Milan and Dubai to the east and New York and Miami to the West being the furthest trip at 8hrs. That sounds okay to me.