In body transformations we take a look at male fitness icons from all over the world. We breakdown how they achieved the perfect body and we reveal their top tips so you can begin your journey. In this post we’re taking a look at UFC fighter Conor McGregor ahead of his fight with Jose Aldo. Conor is considered by specialists to be above most elite athletes, meaning he’s elite even for the elite. Lets see what it takes to get to the top of a professional sport.



NAME: Conor “the notorious” McGregor

DOB: July 14, 1988

HEIGHT: 5 ft 9 in / 1.75 m

WEIGHT: 66 kg / 145 lbs

BIRTHPLACE: Dublin, Republic of Ireland




  • Begins each session with dynamic stretching
  • Conor has no structure to his workouts, he believes in listening to your body. This means training when he wants, sleeping when he wants and doing whatever he feels like doing. He believes that variety prevents boredom, he calls it instinctual training
  • Conor believes that humans are designed to move, therefore his days are filled with maximum movement
  • McGregor has claimed that if it doesn’t help his balance then it isn’t worth doing. He see’s balance as the most important component
  • His training consists of high amounts of grappling, sparring and use of the heavy bag, fundamentals of fight training
  • Conor is constantly looking for new ways to improve his training, with footage of him even walking on railings to improve his balance
  • Conor enjoys the benefits he receives from bodyweight training, with exercises such as muscle-ups, the rings and handstands being frequently practiced



  • Conor has claimed that he follows a Paleo/Caveman diet, consisting of plenty of meat, high quality vegetables and fruits
  • The meats Conor consumes include salmon, steak and chicken
  • He has water every morning in large quantities, followed by a banana and an omelet
  • Is adamant about not eating takeout/takeaway food
  • Consumes complex carbs when needed, including sweet potatoes and butternut squash
  • Conor eats when he wants, he believes that his body knows best
  • He uses MusclePharm supplements

Conor McGregor Diet

This is a picture of Conors Fridge during training. 


The Numbers/Stats

  • In 30 seconds Conor can do 23 full length pull-ups and burpees
  • Conor has the aerobic capacity of a Premier League footballer
  • He also has the muscular endurance of an elite rugby player
  • Conor trains for 3-4 months before fights
  • The quantity of Conors meals and the number of days he trains a week are impossible to calculate due to his flexible training