After many years of studying women, human behavior and human interactions, I have found one common feature. Attracting women should be kept as simple as possible. The modern world encourages progression in almost all areas, however some systems simply operate best when untouched.

One of those systems can be seen with women. Of course new advice is valuable and extremely useful, but any man can attract the lions share of women when he masters the basics. I’m talking about conversation skills, hygiene and independence. These basic core elements enable men to meet women, build attraction and sustain relationships.

Conversations are key to building attraction with women, millions of women all over the world will testify to the attraction they feel, for a man who can hold an intelligent conversation. This seems simple enough, however men all over the planet struggle severely with this issue. The modern approach to this problem focuses on building confidence and working with self esteem issues. However it can all be addressed through a much simpler method.

This method involves topic linking. Let me explain:

Men and women have different tastes and interests, this isn’t groundbreaking news. Most men, in the majority of cases have similar interests to one another. These interests include sports, gym, games consoles, porn, attractive women and drinking alcohol. These topics aren’t exactly female orientated. The chances of coming across a woman with the list of interests above, are extremely thin.

What does this mean? This means that most men and women don’t have anything in common with one another. When men talk between themselves there’s no problem. Every man can hold a conversation with his best friend. Why? Because they have similar interests and their topics link with one another.

Why is there such a difference between talking to your best friend and trying to talk to women?

Put it this way, when you’re talking to your best friend you’re confident about the topics being spoken about. If your best friend asks you about sports, the chances of you replying confidently are likely. Which would be tougher, a 20 minute speech on Call of Duty or a 20 minute speech on subordinated debentures? Exactly. We’re more confident conversing with others when we know what we’re talking about.

how to talk to girls

So how do we translate this into talking with women? 

This is a method created by MSi College, called topic linking. Of course we’re not telling men to engage in female hobbies. What we’re implying is that men broaden their abilities and conversational topics.

Being knowledgeable about games consoles, sports and the names of porn stars, may be great for talking with male friends, but women will have no interest. This means that your knowledge is wasted 50% of the time. Instead you should learn how to cook, read more non-fiction books, start learning a language and other such topics. These topics have one thing in common, they’re universal. They’re neither male or female dominated and can be displayed or spoken about with either sex.

Women are far easier to talk to when you both have an interest in the same things. Every man should focus on building his range of skills and conversational topics. If you limit yourself to male orientated topics, you will always struggle to hold conversations with women. Try and find more universal hobbies and interests that both men and women are suited too. This will not guarantee similarities between you and all women, but it will apply to many. It also has the added benefit of making you far more interesting, and this will always attract more women.