For most people when cooking meat, two things come to mind, speed and taste. Other than that they’re not really concerned with other aspects. They just want a tasty meal on their plate quickly, this is why fast food companies have been so successful.

However there are occasions where you’ll be expected to cook a good quality meal. This could be for a night in with the girlfriend/wife or you could be hosting a small gathering.

As many of you will know, the texture and toughness of meat can ruin the entire meal. If you get a steak that is hard to chew, not evenly cooked or dry, then regardless of the taste or speed, we’re not going to enjoy it and neither are the people you cooked for.

If you want to make a good impression, then you should deploy this simple and quick, but essential tip with the majority of meat that you cook with.

Boil First

It’s as simple as that. Most people overlook this quick first step because hunger gets the better of them. They want to get around to adding spices, flavors and so on, yet forget about making sure the meat is cooked all over to begin with.

If you place the piece or pieces of meat that you wish to cook with, in boiling water, the water will encase the entire food and evenly cook it. Water will seep between the gaps, penetrate the food and cook it from the inside out, all sides at once and give you that overall well cooked meat.

Water is also a more gradual process than a red hot pan filled with butter or oil. These methods increase the likelihood that you’ll burn the meat you’re cooking. This is why water generates that tenderness that other methods can’t achieve.

The slower more gradual and even cook, will have the meat falling from the bone, it will be effortless to cut into and easy to chew. No one wants to sit across from their partner and have their teeth ripped out and their jaw muscles pounded while they’re trying to be romantic.


By boiling meat in water, you’ll likely get something that actually looks uncooked. I can assure you it isn’t, but the person or persons that you’re serving don’t know this.

Therefore if you’re not eating alone, it’s probably wise to briefly fry the meat in a pan with other ingredients before serving.

This will also enable you to now add your flavors, extra ingredients and perhaps crisp the skin if you so wish. Just make sure that you do this on a low temperature because the meat has already been cooked. This secondary process is more for the taste and appearance of the meat. The most important part has already been done.

Remember this next time you’re in a position to cook meat for others or a partner. Cooking meat is a two part system. One, making sure it’s evenly cooked and tender, two, making sure it looks presentable and tastes good.