Approaching women is a term associated with pick-up artists and has a very tacky reputation. So how do top level men approach women without being labelled as sleazy or sly?

The modern woman is on high alert. She’s heard all of the pick-up lines, she’s met all types of men and she’s seen all of the tricks. This 90’s style of attracting women has become outdated. In this post we’ll show you how to approach women in a natural manner that coincides with the gentleman image.


Firstly you have to understand how strange approaching women looks in the majority of circumstances.

You stare from across the room stalking your target like a Lion on the plains of Africa. Suddenly her friends walk away for a few seconds and you see your chance to move in for the kill. You walk over with intent, thinking that you’re doing her a favor. You completely catch her by surprise and begin talking to her as if you’ve been friends for years. Within 5 minutes most men will ask for her number, for a dance, to buy her a drink or worse to go home together.

Just think how strange this must all be for her. A man she’s never met and knows nothing about is offering to do things for her that would be expected of a boyfriend. Do you really expect any quality woman to leave with you right there and then?

Men need to understand one thing, there’s no rush! Patience is a gentleman’s gift. Can you imagine top level men such as David Gandy or Idris Elba following a woman around all night waiting for the moment to strike?

It simply doesn’t happen. Top level men use natural methods that are second nature to them. Women that you’re meeting for the first time will not trust you like a Husband they’ve been with for 12 years. You can’t expect to invade someones space and get a positive response.

Of course approaching women does work on occasion, but since more men get rejected that those who are successful, a new method may just be what most men require.

Approaching has further problems. Once you walk over to her, you give her the power, the ego boost and so on. This immediately gives you lower social value than her, which provides the woman with more reasons to say no.

So if you can’t approach, then what do you do? Well as we referred to earlier, you take the natural approach deployed by all top level men. Lets say you’re out on a Saturday night. If you mind your own business, and get on with your night, then opportunity is still going to come your way.

It would be very hard to enjoy an entire night, without crossing paths with a woman you find attractive. Think about all of the times you’ve stood at the bar next to a woman completely by accident. Remember all of the times you’ve accidentally made eye contact with a woman and received a smile.

These random events are opportunities. The man who goes about his business in a natural fashion, enjoying the company he’s with and focusing on his own life, is considered attractive. The man who’s actively seeking women to sleep with will always be rejected multiple times.

The man who’s focusing on his own life will eventually come face to face with a woman, and this is where he initiates his conversation. Walking across the room to talk to someone, frankly seems desperate. Standing at the bar and letting the woman next to you order first is far more powerful. It looks natural and happens spontaneously without you trying too hard.

how to approach a girl

For anyone who’s worried about missing out on meeting women by not approaching, relax. If you manage to go an entire night without crossing paths with a single woman naturally, then you’re probably in an all mens club. It’s going to happen, people move around, people order drinks, people need the bathroom. At some point you’ll cross paths naturally with a girl you like.

This method also softens the blow of rejection. Walking all the way across the room just builds tension. It makes an approach seem like a big event. In reality, meeting women should be effortless. Bumping into a woman by accident, saying sorry, and then smiling, may just become the best chat-up line of your life.

Men don’t realize how powerful patience can be. We’re not talking about sitting in a corner all night and waiting for women to come to you. But rather enjoying yourself and forgetting all about women. This relaxed approach works wonders. You’ll find people begin to gravitate towards you. The men who sit down at a table minding their own business, and having fun without women, will suddenly look up to find that women are all around them.

Approaching is outdated. This is what men were doing in the 90’s, and they had about as much luck as men today. So why do men insist on continuing the charade when women find it so unappealing?

Be a man of value. Enjoy your own life and stop worshiping the women around you. Opportunities will come to you, I guarantee it, just be patient. Put your faith in nature, know that men and women were built to be attracted to one another. If you actively go out and seek women, then this will appear creepy.

This is why Bad Boys do so well with women. They’re relaxed and aloof. They couldn’t care less if they meet women or not. They enjoy their own company and get on with their own life. When every other man is drooling over the girl at the bar, the aloof man walks up to the bar, politely asks her if he can get past and orders his drink. Suddenly she wants to talk to him, and finds every opportunity to go where he does.

Attracting women is simple, don’t force it. As we said earlier, men and women were built to be attracted to one another. Most men mess up this natural force by being too pushy or too interested. The men who do best with women are the one’s who let things happen, rather than the ones who try and make things happen.