In body transformations we take a look at male fitness icons from all over the world. We breakdown how they achieved the perfect body and we reveal their top tips so you can begin your journey. In this post we’re taking a look at footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.



Name: Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro

DOB: 5, February, 1985

Birthplace: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Height: 1.85 m / 6ft 1 inch

Weight: 80 kg / 176 lbs


Workout Routine

  • The aim is to stay fit and keep his body fat percentage low
  • Real Madrid training sessions
  • He participates in circuits multiple times per week
  • Focuses highly on balance and flexibility training
  • Includes swimming as part of his cardio work
  • Most cardio sessions are 25-30 minutes long
  • A good number of high intensity workouts for explosiveness
  • Technical drills in order to improve skills and ball control
  • Tactical drills with team mates
  • Gym work with personal trainer to improve endurance and strength



  • Ronaldo’s diet is high in protein and vegetables
  • He claims to love fish, and eats a lot of it
  • Only eats complex carbs such as oats or brown rice
  • Ronaldo eats protein and carbs for breakfast
  • He also consumes vast quantities of fiber and fruit to create a very well balanced diet
  • Ronaldo is sponsored by herbalife and he uses their supplements daily, since he’s a big believer in natural products
  • His strategy is to eat little but often. Too much food at once and the human body struggles to deal with it
  • Ronaldo is adamant about drinking water all day
  • He also includes natural juices as an alternative to water
  • Ronaldo tries to avoid sugary foods
  • He consumes little alcohol throughout the year. If he does consume alcohol, it’s usually for special occasions or post season, and even then it’s in moderation


The Numbers

  • Ronaldo trains 5 days a week with 2 rest days before matches
  • Training lasts for around 3-4 hours per day
  • Real Madrid training takes place 3-5 days a week depending on their schedule
  • Ronaldo carries out 3,000 sit ups a day, which takes him roughly 1 hour
  • He is in the gym for around 7 hours a week
  • Ronaldo consumes 6 meals a day with 2-4 hours between each meal
  • Getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night is a must for Ronaldo. He has a structure of early nights and early mornings to get the best results


Ronaldo’s Top Fitness Tips

  • Mental strength is just as important as physical
  • High intensity training is key
  • Don’t skip your cardio sessions
  • Warm up properly, injury sets you back weeks and sometimes months
  • Be disciplined
  • Mix it up, don’t let training become boring
  • Your diet is essential to the process
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Fit in exercise wherever you can
  • Eat small but often meals
  • Set yourself goals
  • Get a training partner
  • Get 8 hours sleep a night minimum
  • Put on some great music
  • Don’t forget to relax


What Can We Learn From Cristiano Ronaldo?

  • As we can see, Ronaldo’s schedule is packed with exercise. The sheer volume of training carried out is exceptional. One of his top tips is to fit in exercise wherever you can, and these words must be taken on-board. Most people get less than 30 minutes of real exercise per day, but the average person watches 4 hours of TV per day. The math shows that we can all fit in more exercise
  • Ronaldo’s fitness isn’t all about training. He focuses immensely on his diet, technical aspects and tactical components. Fitness is about using the whole package. You can train all you want, but your diet can drag you down. Make sure you cover every angle
  • Ronaldo is at the top of his profession, and he’s achieved this through nothing but natural methods. You don’t need to use steroids or any other such methods to achieve the perfect body


Before & After Photo

Cristiano Ronaldo body transformation