In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success. Today we’re looking at the Instagram and poker sensation Dan Bilzerian.



Name: Dan Brandon Bilzerian

DOB: December, 7, 1980

Net Worth: 100m USD

Initial Age Of Success: Personal Success: 27

Famous For: Poker, Social Media


Early Life


  • Born in Tampa Florida
  • His Dad became a millionaire when Dan was around age 8 which gave Dan an exposure to the good life
  • Dan and his entire family have genius level IQ’s
  • Dan’s Dad was convicted of stock and tax fraud and had to go to prison
  • This forced Dan to grow up in difficult surroundings. Yes he had the money, but everything else was unstable
  • Dan was kicked out of 2 schools and ended up in military academy
  • When Dan’s Father eventually got out of prison, the entire family moved to Utah
  • Dan was asked to leave Utah when he brought an M16 assault rifle into school to show his friends
  • Dan then went and enrolled in the Navy, the Seal Division. After 510 days, 2 “hell weeks” 1 of which he had a broken leg for, Dan left the navy
  • He learnt to play poker when at the University of Florida, which was funded by a disability allowance for a dishonorable discharge
  • In his 2nd year of University, Dan was broke. He sold his guns to fund his poker ambitions and turned $750 to $10,000. Shortly after he booked a flight to Vegas and turned $10,000 into $187,000
  • Dan had 2 back to back heart attacks after a wild 4 days partying with minimal sleep
  • Dan entered into a major tournament at 27 years old and placed 180th, however he was a fan favorite getting tons of camera time and receiving a sponsor from Victory Poker




  • Dan became infamous for his crazy stunts including, blowing up an RV, swimming at midnight across an alligator filled lake, betting 400k on a drag race and even being offered 100k from a Facebook founder to shave his beard (which he didn’t do)
  • Dan even flipped a coin over $2,3m and lost
  • In 2010 Dan got voted the funniest poker player, which displays how his fame came about
  • In 2013 Dan went viral after footage of him sitting in the crowd of a poker game caught peoples attention. As Dan watched on, a woman could be seen stroking Dan’s beard continuously
  • Dan really found success when his antics were displayed on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter
  • Dan held many high stake poker games at his home with billionaires and celebrities which enabled him to increase his net worth significantly


Current Life


  • Dan currently has homes in the Hollywood hills, next to DiCaprio, and another one in Vegas. He also has a house in Mexico which resembles Tony Stark’s house from Iron Man
  • Dan still plays poker to this day
  • Dan’s social media following is well above 10 million and gains 20,000 new followers a day
  • Dan has stared in TV ads and movies including Lone Survivor
  • Dan’s net worth is said to be $100m  and he has 20 employees


Top Traits


  • Carefree attitude
  • Ability to go with the flow
  • Ability to adapt to all circumstances
  • Stays cool under pressure
  • Doesn’t care what others think of him
  • Living the life he dreamed of
  • Smart
  • Business minded
  • Understands what people want


Dan’s Tips For Success


  • Do what you want to do
  • Aim for freedom at all costs
  • Be you


What We Can Learn From Dan


  • Even though Dan’s father was extremely wealthy, he still remained motivated to do his own thing in life. Weather you’re born rich or poor, it’s up to you to build your own wealth and Dan now has his own empire
  • Be carefree when it comes to the opinions of others. Dan’s lifestyle may not be what everyone approves of, but it’s what he wants and that’s all that matters
  • Be business orientated in everything that you do. Dan admits that he’s not that great a poker player, but he’s made $50m from poker which is far more than others. Dan knows how people work hence why his social media pages have attracted so many people
  • Dan may not be a great role model, but his life teaches us that you can learn something from everyone


Dan’s Best Quote


Some weeks I was making like $90k, so I’m looking at these professors thinking, what am I doing here