In body transformations we take a look at male fitness icons from all over the world. We breakdown how they achieved the perfect body and we reveal their top tips so you can begin your journey. Today, in honor of Spectre’s upcoming release, we’re looking at Daniel Craig and his James Bond workout.



NAME:  Daniel Wroughton Craig

DOB: 2nd March 1968

HEIGHT: 1.80 m / 5 ft 11

WEIGHT: 78 kg / 171 lbs

BIRTHPLACE: Cheshire, England



Workout Routine

  • The aim of Daniels workouts were holistic. In order to play Bond, one must be believable. This meant speed, strength and stamina. Combine this with must have good posture, the ability to run, jump and fight and we have a Bond
  • Daniel actually quit smoking during his training for maximum results
  • Daniels workouts were unusual in comparison to what we’re used to seeing for modern film stars
  • Intense warm ups where he worked at 50% of his maximum, usually using rowing machines
  • The workouts contained a variety of exercises. Everything from heavy lifting to box jumps
  • Heavy lifting was a consistent feature, combining compound lifts with power lifting
  • Daniel set about doing a combination of cardio and heavy lifting by creating a circuit like routine. He would work on one exercise for 10 reps and then move straight onto the next exercise. This helped him build muscle, but kept body fat at bay
  • Traditional muscle isolation was only used on Tuesday (Chest and back), Wednesday (Legs) and Thursday (Arms). On Monday and Friday Daniel carried out a full body workout in the circuit format
  • Daniel used weights from Monday through to Friday and participated in light cardio and stretching for the weekends
  • On the days where Daniel did isolate certain muscle groups, he opted for a typical 4 sets of 10 reps structure



  • Low carbohydrate diet
  • High amounts of protein
  • Plenty of raw vegetables and nuts
  • Creatine cell volumizer supplement
  • Glucosamine supplement
  • Protein shakes
  • Glutamine supplement
  • Daniel claimed that he ate whatever he wanted on weekends and had the occasional alcoholic beverage. Which probably suggests why his mass looks great, but his mid-section is not as cut as it could be
  • Daniel remembers eating a lot of fish, eggs and chicken


The Numbers

  • 2 hour workouts
  • 7-8 hours of sleep per night
  • Trained 5 days a week with 2 rest/less intense days
  • Ate 6 meals a day
  • Still trained during filming for 2 hours at the end of each day


Before & After Photo