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We began MSI in the summer of 2015 from nothing. Today we have 200,000 monthly visitors and growing.

We achieved this through trial and error, experimentation and mass research. We’ve complied everything that worked for us into this course to make it easier for you.

We continuously say at MSI that if we had to do it all over again with everything we know now, we could get MSI back to 200,000 visitors in 2 months.

This is why learning from others is so important. It enables you to cut the curve and avoid the years and years of testing and repeat failure.


What We Cover In This Course



Why are you starting your blog?

Establishing your identity and voice

How to write exciting titles and how to write titles for SEO

How to become an expert writer

80/20 rule of content

How to never run out of content

Having a high quality website

How to structure your content and captivate your audience

How to build trust with your readers

The importance of imagery

Daily routine and content schedule

Biggest mistakes to avoid



How to make content go viral

Using technology to your advantage

Using social media for further growth

Creating longevity within your brand

Becoming an expert generalist

Increasing your personal skillset to avoid going obsolete

The MSI Facebook hack

Mentors, competitor comparisons and quality exposure

Dealing with criticism

Future influencer jacking

Increasing your content numbers

Becoming a real business



Expanding your content and platform

Understanding your audience

How to structure a blog for maximum readership

How to monetize your blog and when should you do it?

What you can do to stay interested and motivated in your own blog


Re-investing your profits

Being hyper-aware to your industry

Pre-writing content for Google rankings

How to stay current and relevant



Finding guest writers

How to work with celebrities and high profile influencers

Secondary branding through a personal account

How to position yourself as an industry expert

Using exposure/traffic as currency and bargaining power

Attending industry events

Bridging and collaborations

Economies of scale and how it could destroy everything you’ve worked towards

The MSI story from founder Kris Sturmey


Trying to grow a blog on your own takes too long. There’s too many lessons you have to learn and trial and error is frustrating. With this course we’ll shorten the curve and increase your visitors and profits at a much faster rate.

If we could go back in time and buy this course we wouldn’t hesitate. It would save us a lot of time and money, and now we’d be even bigger than we are today.


“We’ve poured everything we know into this course without sparing a single detail. If you want an accurate blueprint with actionable advice that you can implement into your blog immediately, then this course is for you.

If you’re not serious about growing your blog, then this course probably isn’t for you, everything we did was a result of hard work and smart opportunistic thinking. Please don’t waste your money if you’re not ready to follow what we tell you, we want success stories from this course and not people who don’t take action.”

(Kris Sturmey Founder Of MSI)