A six pack is the ultimate sign of fitness, this is why it’s such a sought after feature in men’s fitness.

Some men try for years without really getting any closer to their final goal.

The issue stems from not focusing on the overall goal as a holistic issue. You see, training and diets will only get you so far, there’s many chemical and hormonal factors that have a much greater effect than anything else you can do.

If you perfect what’s going on inside your body, then everything on the outside will take care of itself.

It’s easy for visual indicators to fool you into thinking you’re moving forward. If you looked in the mirror and you saw yourself sweating, then most people would believe that results are on the way. But it tends to be what we can’t see, beneath the surface that matters most.

In this course we breakdown…



  • Genetic myths
  • Epigenetics


  • Eating small but often
  • The 8-12 hour window
  • Eating window methods
  • Safest foods to eat
  • Foods you should avoid
  • Safest drinks to consume
  • Drinks you should avoid
  • Dangers of eating out too often
  • Cheat meals
  • Cheat meal mistakes
  • Calorie counting
  • Rest day diet

Internal Factors

  • Things that cause a hormonal imbalance
  • How to increase testosterone
  • Extra ingredients that balance hormones and increase testosterone

Training Methods

  • The number one best thing you can do to melt fat
  • Are abdominal exercises important?
  • How much should you train?
  • Supersets
  • Interval training
  • Recommended fat burners
  • NEAT movement


Kris, the author of this course and the founder of MSI has 3 years experience as a personal trainer and specialized in males.

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