This course consists of two genius techniques that will accelerate facial changes. If you’re an average looking person you’ll become good looking, and if you’re good looking you’ll look like a model after roughly a year.

Firstly we take you through the science of facial changes and give you the basics.

This is all of the information that is already on our site, but enables people who are new to this to get all of the information, both basic and advanced in one easy to read file which saves time and energy. Therefore if you’re new to this subject, don’t worry everything you need to know is inside the course.

This basic information is the fundamentals. You need this to get started and to initiate changes in the first place. For any individuals who already know everything about facial changes from sites such as Claiming Power, or through Mike Mew, we tell you where to skip to in the course to get straight to the advanced techniques.

Then we give you the gold. The two techniques that will accelerate your facial changes and have you looking better than ever. I’ve had these changes myself, and it’s not an illusion. There would be weeks where I would look in the mirror and see dramatic changes, one day my cheeks looked ridiculously high. Another day my jaw was out and had those bumps and grooves that male models seem to have with their cheeks looking hollow in-between. Another day someone would comment on a change and how obvious it was that what I was doing was working.

People say that facial changes are slow. But we’ve proven that to be wrong and used two techniques to make anyone substantially better looking in a short amount of time.

Once technique uses science to tip the balance in your favor and starts moving your facial bones quicker, the other uses bodybuilding techniques to work the jaw muscle. At the end of the day a muscle is a muscle, the jaw muscle works just the same as a pectoral muscle, therefore bodybuilding had all of the answers already, we just put it all together.

For such a small fee, but such huge advantages in life, this course is worth it’s weight in gold. You could be a skeptic and worry about the information being false. But at the end of the day, we’re Europe’s largest men’s self improvement website. We can’t afford to supply poor information. Our traffic (200,000 + a month) and the trust of that traffic is how we stay alive. Without it, which would result from supplying poor/false information, we’d be finished!

$39 is about to change your life, let us help you. it’s our job. If I could go back to being 18, and someone offered me this information, I would pay $1000 never mind $39. The chance to be good looking for the rest of your life for a one off and small fee? Hardly a tough decision in my eyes.


(We cannot issue refunds for this course purely because it’s intellectual information. It means you can get your money back and keep the knowledge which a handful of low-level people have decided to do. Thankfully hundreds of you are trustworthy people and have appreciated the effective tips.)