In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success. Today we’re looking at the man of the moment…Drake.



Name: Aubrey Drake Graham

DOB: October 24, 1986

Net-worth: $100m

Initial Age Of Success: 22

Famous for: Music and acting


Early Life

  • Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • His Mom and Dad divorced when he was 5, which meant living with his Mom in what Drake calls half a house. There were people living on the upper floor, Drake’s Mom lived on the first floor and Drake lived in the basement
  • Drake dropped out of high school as a kid, (but later returned in 2012 to finally graduate)
  • Drakes father was in prison for a large part of his youth, a total of 5 years, spent through a 2 year sentence and a 3 year sentence
  • First found minor fame on the TV show Degrassi-next generation as Jimmy Brooks
  • Began rapping full-time after his role in TV releasing multiple mix-tapes
  • Eventually people started taking notice of Drake, with many offers from labels to sign him. Drake decided to sign with Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment
  • In 2009 Drake released his first album So Far Gone, which featured the song Best I Ever Had. This song had a huge impact in the charts, making Drake a household name
  • Drake backed up this new found fame with his second album Thank Me Later in 2010. This album debut at number one and featured the popular song Find Your Love



  • Drake truly established himself in 2011 with the release of his album Take Care. This album featured songs such as; Headlines, Motto, Make Me Proud and Take Care where he featured with short-term girlfriend Rihanna
  • Drake started a worldwide trend from the song Motto with the acronym YOLO. Standing for, you only live once
  • Drakes Club Paradise Tour in 2012 was the highest earning hip-hop tour that year, bringing in $42m
  • He later claimed the title of biggest star in the hip-hop industry with his release of Nothing Was The Same. An album that seemed as though it was bought by everyone in 2013
  • Drake became a Toronto Raptors executive in 2013 as a way of increasing the Raptors marketing potential and overall awareness


Current Life

  • Drake has been in and out of the headlines for multiple reasons in the last few months. Feuds with Tyga, P-Diddy, an on-going war with Chris Brown and a fresh battle with fellow rapper Meek Mill which brought about the viral track Back To Back
  • Drake has made headlines for his transformation from a boy to a man. For everyone at MSi College this is known as the male advantage. The period of a man’s life where he peaks. To everyone else, Drake suddenly upgraded
  • He recently released the mix-tape What A Time To Be Alive with fellow artist Future. This mix-tape was extremely successful, yet featured little to no advertising. Drake made headlines by releasing this mix-tape unexpectedly, which turned out to be a genius marketing strategy
  • Drake has his OVO brand, which mainly deals with clothing
  • He’s currently working on his next album Views From The Six, which is likely to be released in January 2016


Top Traits

  • Great work ethic
  • Perfectionist
  • Calm under pressure
  • Intelligent
  • Business savvy
  • Marketing genius
  • Opportunistic
  • Constant learner
  • High self-belief
  • Risk taker
  • Loyalty
  • Humility
  • Passion


Top Tips For Success

  • Work when they’re partying
  • Always want more
  • Make sacrifices
  • Know when to relax
  • Set your standards high
  • Believe success is right around the corner
  • Have faith in the end result


What We Can Learn From Drake

  • Work hard even when you’ve made it
  • Success is never secure, you’re only ever as good as your last product or service
  • Do you and do you well. Eventually people will come around to liking you or what you do, it just takes persistence
  • Never forget those who helped you when you had nothing
  • Always learn new things, your success is made sustainable when you constantly advance yourself


Best Quote

I live for the nights I can’t remember, with the people that I won’t forget