It’s hard to know what to order as a man. You get to the bar and everything you’ve ever read about alcohol runs through your head.

Women want a mature and sophisticated man, women also want a beer drinking manly man. A real man drinks beer. Clear drinks are for women on diets. We’ve been told it all in the past.

So what do you do? You take the gentleman route. Who doesn’t want to look like James Bond? In this post we’ll outline some of the best gentleman style drinks that will enable you to look sophisticated and mature.


Drinks Brands That Are Suitable For Gentlemen


Remy Martin

drinks for gentlemen

Type: French Cognac

Average Price: $100


Johnnie Walker

gentleman drinks

Type: Scotch Whisky

Average Price: $200


Gentleman Jack

drinks for gentlemen

Type: Strong Whiskey

Average Price: $80



gentleman drinks

Type: Dry Gin

Average Price: $70


Haig Club

drinks for gentlemen

Type: Single Grain Whiskey

Average Price: $150



gentleman drinks

Type: Cognac

Average Price: $200


Grey Goose

gentlemen drinks

Type: Vodka

Average Price: $130



gentlemen drinks

Type: Cognac

Average Price: $140


Jameson Irish Whisky

gentlemen drinks

Type: Irish Whiskey

Average Price: $60


Dows Port

drinks for gentlemen

Type: Fortified Wine

Average Price: $50