In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success. Today we’re looking at the high energy, social media sensation that is Gary Vaynerchuk.



Name: Gary Vaynerchuk

DOB: November 14 1975

Net Worth: $10m

Initial age of success: 22

Successful For: Wine, Social media, Serial entrepreneur


Early Life

  • Gary was terrible at school, he admits to getting F’s quite often. However he realized his strengths were in other areas
  • Gary received $1k from his father when he was very young that was meant for baseball cards. However Gary blew this money and had to hustle hard to make it back. He ended up making $2k every weekend selling baseball cards while still in school
  • Gary worked 6-7 days a week in his families wine store (Wine Library) sweeping floors and learning the ropes
  • When Gary was 16 he was deemed old enough to make sales in the store
  • Once he was old enough to drink, he began to understand the industry better. Gary read everything he could about wine and listened intensely to customers which gave him a great understanding
  • At 22 Gary began to stamp his influences on things. This included eCommerce, email lists and video to help increase awareness and sales. This enabled Wine Library to expand beyond New Jersey



  • Gary worked hard to take Wine Library from $3m to $60m in just 5 years
  • In 2003 Gary took control of the company and moved to bigger offices
  • Gary was great at spotting trends, he managed to become aware of YouTube and social media before the majority of people. He initially began making videos about wine, however people loved Gary’s showman like skills and started following him for alternative reasons
  • Gary’s social media presence kept rising, leading to the release of the book Crush It, which really put him on the map


Current Life

  • Multiple books written
  • Vayner Media – one of the best digital agencies in the world
  • Angel investor
  • Venture capitalist
  • Gary has invested in Facebook, Tumblr, Uber and Twitter
  • askgaryvee show that answers questions regarding business and success
  • Social media presence is growing each and every day


Top Traits

  • Work ethic
  • Logic
  • Belief
  • Energy
  • Opportunistic/foresight
  • Passion
  • Customer empathy


Top Tips For Success

  • Work hard and smart
  • Do the things that matter
  • Execute your ideas, stop talking about them
  • Bet on your strengths (focus on what you’re good at)
  • Use storytelling
  • Don’t make excuses


What We Can Learn From Gary

  • Do what needs to be done, stop waiting for things to happen, stop doing unnecessary tasks each day, just focus on the important and must do things, then do them
  • Work rate beats talent when talent doesn’t work. There’s not a lot better than hustle. If you’re willing to work relentlessly, the results will speak for themselves
  • Care about your customers, they’re your true boss. What they think, say and do matters more than anything else, listen to them and try to understand them
  • Anyone can make it, sometimes not the way you intended to. Just put yourself in the position to make it and see where it goes. Sitting around complaining all day leads to nothing, just attempting things and at least having a go seems to get you far further than most others ever will


Best Quote


Without hustle, talent will only carry you so far