In body transformations we take a look at male fitness icons from all over the world. We breakdown how they achieved the perfect body and we reveal their top tips so you can begin your journey. Today we’re looking at Gerardo Gabriel and his unbelievable transformation.

Gerardo was in the marines when he experienced what he describes a very tough break-up. He decided to put his anger and frustration to good use, by using the gym as his outlet. Gerardo ended up becoming hooked due to the immediate gains. He was later spotted by a body building coach and the rest is history.



Name: Gerardo Gabriel

DOB: July, 27, 1990

Height: 5 ft 8 inch/172 cm

Weight: 178 lbs/81 kg

Age he began training: 17

Birthplace: United States

Occupation: Fitness Model



  • Each day that he trains is filled with various exercises, usually 8 to 10
  • He trains at least two separate muscle groups each day
  • Monday – Chest,Triceps,Abs
  • Tuesday – Back,Biceps,Calves
  • Wednesday – Legs,Abs
  • Thursday – Chest,Triceps,Calves
  • Friday – Back,Biceps,Abs
  • Saturday – Legs
  • Sunday – Rest/Recovery day
  • Uses high intensity cardio to help with fat loss
  • Has a range of 10 to 25 repetitions on each exercise
  • Plays basketball as a form of cardio



  • High protein intake
  • Consumes complex carbs like sweet potatoes and oats
  • Uses the cheat meal strategy, but has claimed that he does have a very high metabolism
  • Consumes water with every meal
  • Uses many supplements including – Whey isolate protein, BCAA’s, Creatine mono-hydrate, Pre-workout, Multi-vitamins, Milk thistle, Vitamin C and Fish oil.
  • Believes that a diet should be enjoyable and never too strict. Allow yourself to enjoy your food every now and then


The Numbers

  • Consumes 6 meals a day
  • Eats 2 grams of protein for every pound of bodyweight
  • Trains 6 days a week with 1 rest day
  • Consumes 8 bottles of water per day
  • Gained 7 lbs of weight in first month of training with supplements


Top Tips

  • When training focus only on training
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Have fun when training
  • Have a desire to be better than you were yesterday
  • Top 3 exercises – Squats, Incline bench-press and Shoulder-press
  • Be persistent and committed
  • Use Carb-cycling and adjust the schedule every two weeks
  • Incorporate cardio for maximum fat burning
  • Use high carbs for your most difficult days


Before & After Photo

gerardo gabriel before and after