Firstly for anyone who doesn’t know this is a hair loss topic that has generated some traction in recent years.

People have noticed that bald men have what is called domeheads and men with hair, even when shaved, have flatheads.

The theory is that sebum a naturally occurring substance that is excreted onto our hair as it grows up through the scalp, gets overproduced and ends up clogging the pores, leading to blocked hair follicles that are ready to be revealed but can’t push through.

What people don’t realize about bald men is, they have hair! It’s true, bald men have every hair they’ll ever need, the hairs are just under the surface blocked off by a layer of hardened sebum.

Take Dwayne Johnson as an example. Nobody could say that this man isn’t healthy, yet he’s bald. This would suggest by conventional wisdom, that his hair follicles are too weak and not healthy enough to grow strong.

However with his diet and active lifestyle, I can guarantee that this isn’t the problem.

As we can see below, Dwayne does have a domehead.

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Testosterone Production

Low testosterone will cause hair loss due to thyroid issues, this is something we have to remember. But high amounts of testosterone increase sebum production.

Men produce 50% more sebum than women.

When we’re stressed sebum production increases by 59%

These two statements alone give us the biggest clue so far.

If excess sebum can harden and clog the pores, preventing hair to penetrate the scalp, and men produce more sebum than women, and we produce more sebum under stress, then everything does start to tie together.

Men lose their hair and 99% of women don’t

When men and women are stressed hair loss increases significantly, we can even see cases of women going bald for a short period of time.

It all makes perfect sense. Like we said some people experience hair loss as they get older, their testosterone drops, their thyroid stops functioning properly and hair loss occurs.

But what about those people who are 18 and their hair is falling out?

A time in your life where you’re fit, healthy, active and producing more testosterone than ever.

Well this is why the increased sebum production makes sense. It won’t force you to lose your hair instantly. It may take years to build up in your scalp causing the dome head, which then leads to hair loss.

A boy producing excess sebum at 16 due to high testosterone still has great blood circulation and their active. Over time, as this excess sebum continues, they may land an office job, this means more sitting around.

Eventually the sebum comes out on top and starts to choke the hair follicles. It traps DHT, blocks off blood supply and hardens until your scalp visibly lifts to form the dome head. The boy now man, then starts to lose his hair at 24, it doesn’t become visibly noticeable until 28 and everyone sticks to the typical script that we lose our hair as we get older.


Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas for a fight described by Sugar Ray Leonard as 'about history'

Here we have Floyd Mayweather, a man who purposely shaves off his hair. Therefore, he’s bald out of choice and shouldn’t have a domehead. As we can see above, his head is flat in comparison to Dwayne’s. This is because he doesn’t have hardened sebum pushing his scalp upwards, almost like an extra layer.


Acne works in the same way, at the end of the day, scalp and skin are the same. Dirt gets inside of your pores, increased sebum from high testosterone during puberty traps it, and overtime it becomes inflamed leading to those red and vicious pimples that we’re used to seeing on teenagers.

Many men who go bald will report redness, an itchy scalp or scalp infections.

The Cure

The cure is in our audio course below. Firstly guys I know there’s trust issues with online courses, but we’re Europe’s largest men’s self improvement website, we can’t afford to give out bad information. If we do this, our readers leave, lose trust in us and our business is finished.

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