Have you ever wanted to attract top quality women? The perfect tens who also have a touch of class? The girl that every man wants, but it seems no one gets?

If you answered yes then you are like every other man out there. We all want the classiest, most beautiful and perfectly toned woman on our arm, but they can have their pick of any man so why would they choose you?

The answer right now is that they probably wouldn’t. Why? Because most men are still operating from the any holes a goal mentality. This is where the majority of men ruin their chances with the hottest women.

 The any holes a goal approach has one rule, have sex with any girl. Now this may seem good to you in the short term, but it has long term detriments that you may not currently be aware of.

 What makes the perfect ten so attractive? Of course her looks play a part in her appeal, however there is something more. Let say that the perfect ten was a slut. She has slept with over 1,000 men and lets any man with a penis take her home. Are you still as attracted to this women as you were before?

 Probably not. You see it’s the rarity and unavailability of a perfect ten that attracts men. Most men go through their entire life never sleeping with a women of such high quality, many men don’t even know one. This makes the top level women more appealing since you know you will have something that other men do not.

 Why have I told you this? So that you can start to imitate the exact same feature within your own life. If you want to attract the highest quality women then you have to remodel your image. How do you do this?

 By raising your standards and showing some class. Forget the any hole is a goal methodology, that’s for college boys. You want to implement a far tougher check list. If women do not match your criteria you cut them off regardless of sexual desires.

 By doing this you begin to build high social value. Women will find out, or notice first hand that you only date or sleep with the highest quality women. This then makes them want to prove to you that they are high quality. You become someone they want to impress whilst proving to themselves that they are good enough. The challenge is what makes the perfect ten attractive and it will also work for you.

 Of course you will have less sex, but the women you do sleep with will be like none you have ever seen before.

 It’s like when I went fishing with my dad as a kid. We would use small bait which allowed us to catch the small fish (the lower quality women). Eventually we got bored with catching the smaller fish and decided to go after something bigger and more valuable (the perfect ten).

 We put a larger bait on the hook that was too big for the smaller fish to eat (your value and standards being too high) this meant that only the big fish were able to take the bait and allowed us to weed out the unwanted smaller fish. Eventually the bigger fish saw the frenzy of smaller fish and came over to investigate. Of course they were able to swallow the bait whole which allowed us to catch something of value.

 This is what you need to be doing with women. Make yourself too valuable for them to get. They can only nibble away at you which could be translated as small talk. The highest quality women will see that other women are talking to you but getting nowhere.

 This provides you with social value of the highest possible level which encourages the bigger fish to move in and try their luck. The hottest women love and want a challenge. The trick is to build a frenzy, even an ugly man can attract any woman he wants if he has managed to build a frenzy, where women are fighting and bitching about each other to be with him. This can be the best possible way to build value, use it!