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The modern world has opened up so many possibilities when it comes to personal success. Fame and recognition is now being awarded to successful people purely due to the way that they’re living.

Many examples of this taking place can be found. One example of this new “dual success” can be seen through Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing. (See above picture)

After becoming successful in the fashion world, Olivier managed to make some high profile friends. Then the introduction of social media platforms enabled him to showcase this lavish life, meaning that duel success was achieved.

This is now a man who has a company worth hundreds of millions and 5.8 million Instagram followers. But his personal account also has a respectable 4.1 million followers and his own name is also making him money, even in areas that his business doesn’t have access to.

Why is this important?

Because it displays the opportunity for double profits. David Beckham is another great example. David has made far more money outside of his day job, just because he was able to brand himself.

This dual branding effect is something that everyone needs to deploy to some effect. This isn’t only exclusive to celebrities either.

Take @pilotpatric a Berlin based pilot with an Instagram following of 90k. A pilot is a pretty good job with well above average money.

Yet Patrick has placed himself in a position to be more, do more and have more, simply based off showing others his life.

The cockpit is an exclusive area. Patrick is a good looking guy, with a cool life and it looks as though he keeps himself in shape.

People want to see these things. You have to understand how the average person lives.


Typical Life

The average person is sitting at home watching TV every night, worrying about what’s going on in their micro-bubble.

They then go to a job that they only do to survive and they come home.

Most people look forward to their first car, a new car, first house, a new house, having children, marriage, birthdays, Christmases, weekends and the occasional holiday.

Outside of this not much is going on. This is why anything out of the ordinary will turn heads. Like a good looking German pilot taking crazy aerial selfies and traveling around the world.

There are thousands of pilots who do their job, live a crazy life, may even be better looking than Patrick and have more marketability. Yet they haven’t spotted this opportunity, or perhaps don’t want to be in the spotlight.

But one things you have to realize is that the opportunity is there. The world now offers a platform for the average individual to rise up and become a household name, all because of what they’re doing in daily life.


How Can I Use This?

Look at your life, analyse how interesting it is. If you have something special about yourself or what you do, then showcase it.

This isn’t to make everyone fame hungry Kardashians. It’s to increase income.

Millionaire mentor Tai Lopez has probably become centurion millionaire mentor Tai Lopez since he started marketing himself as a personal brand. It’s evident that showcasing his life has given him more opportunities, more money and access to areas and people that he previously didn’t have.

All of the most successful people have dual success.

They have their day job, the safety net earner. Then they have their life, who they are and themselves as a brand.

Your company may be successful which is great. But by branding yourself, you could be paid by a company like Rolex to promote their brand, or Audi to drive their cars which your business can’t do.

This is only going to be beneficial to your career, it will improve your business and open up regions of life previous only accessible for the most famous individuals.


Influencer Age

This is the age of the influencer. You achieve personal success in whatever you’re doing, then you show the world and everything gets taken ten levels above.

People want a face given to a brand. People want to know who they’re following. People want to fall in love with more than buying a product or service.

Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing is seen partying with celebrities, then people go and buy the products in his store because it makes them feel a step closer to that life.

Fitness enthusiast Sam Asghari trains hard to look good. Shows everyone on social media, builds a following and is now more well-known as a model and public figure. The fitness aspect will always be there, but branching out into other areas of life has been his biggest victory.

This isn’t to say that everyone should aim to become a celebrity, but turning yourself into a brand name, or a household name could be the smartest thing you do.

It provides credentials that would otherwise take 40-50 years to achieve. The social proof you can receive from a large social media following will open many doors previously closed, and it’s so easy to do if you already have the life in place.

If you don’t have the life in place, then make sure you have dual branding at the back of your mind ready to be deployed in the future.

A business can make you very good money, a high paying job can get you noticed. But living a life that others aspire to, this is what holds the power in the modern era.

Even if you’d prefer to avoid this lifestyle, it may be unavoidable due to its ability to skyrocket success in all other areas.

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