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There’s one thing above all else that will get you that promotion you’ve been looking for at work.

Before we reveal what this is, you have to understand the mind-set and the daily tasks of your boss. Although most people would say that their boss does nothing all day and they could easily do their job, it’s not as simple as that.

Usually the higher up in a company that you climb, the less tasks you’ll have, but the more important they become.

Simply getting your head down and working harder is something you can do at the bottom of the chain, but as you climb, responsibility and initiative become the main traits needed.

Your boss may not be getting his or her hands dirty each day with the rest of the workers, but they are doing essential tasks that will take the business forward in giant individual leaps.

With this is mind, do you think they want to be worrying about all of the minor things going on beneath them?

Delegation is a word that higher level people befriend as early as possible into their reign. It means giving tasks to others to free yourself up.

This doesn’t mean offloading everything to the workforce and putting your feet up, it means getting rid of the unnecessary or less important tasks from your task list.

Your boss has their own task list, the ideal things that they want to get done that day. They’ve delegated the lesser tasks to others because it enables them to focus on the most important things and saves time.

Now imagine you come into the office with minor problems! This isn’t what any boss wants.

The number one key skill that will get you promoted above all else is being a solution finder.


Problems Vs Solutions

Your boss is busy focusing on their own tasks, they hire people and delegate to them for a reason, because they trust these people to get on with the tasks and get things done without fuss.

At the end of the day, if someone is paying you a wage, then you shouldn’t need baby-sitting.

If all you’re ever doing is asking for help, advice, you have issues, you’re negative about the plans and more, then the boss is going to grow tired of you.

Problems in business are inevitable, whatever you’re doing.

But very few people come up with solutions. This is why only a few people are cut out for management in every company.

You can either be reactive or proactive, this is the difference between management and a standard worker.

The worker who deals with problems without needing to consult others will be recognized as a leader, as having initiative and as being a self-starter.

A boss/manager isn’t there to hold your hand. Yes they should be communicated with when it’s necessary, but 99% of daily tasks can be handled on your own.




  1. You run out of paper. A reactive individual would tell everyone, moan about it, worry about it and tell the boss so that he or she could fix it.

But no boss in the world wants to get paper. They expect a task as minor as this to be handled by someone else or everyone unconsciously.

Therefore the individual that is proactive, and does things without fuss, like re-stocking the paper before it gets low, will be the one who stands out as management material. There is a danger of not being noticed if the task doesn’t get mentioned, but if you’re consistent enough, eventually higher level figures will take note.

  1. Your boss takes a day off and tells you to only call if it’s urgent. Due to the panicking nature of most humans, everything seems extra urgent and the boss is called far too often considering the scale of the problems.

The boss becomes annoyed and makes a mental note of the people who couldn’t function in their absence. This screams, “I’m not ready to take on more responsibility” and will cost you the promotion.


No Alternative

One of the most annoying things for a boss is when people disagree, or speak negatively about an idea when they have no alternative or no reason as to why it won’t work.

This again comes down to being a solution finder.

The guy sat in the office spreading negativity is toxic. The guy who gives constructive criticism and them has an alternative solution is seen as a go-to guy. This individual will regularly be asked by the boss, “What do you think?”

Being a solution finder is key to getting a promotion at work. Without this skill you’re just a worker and always will be. Don’t be someone who simply does their job, become someone who acts like a manager at ground level and who others on your level treat as the authority figure.

By doing this you’ll already appear like the manager, which means that the only logical next step is to make you one. If you behave like you have that title, then eventually it’ll be given to you.

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