Many people go through their entire lives not trying more than a few set meals. Anything new scares them, because it doesn’t match their limited menu.

But why would you live like this? Life is all about pushing yourself, experiencing as much as possible and seeing how far you can go. By having a limited number of foods in your life, you miss out on an entire range of benefits. We’re going to explore those benefits in this article.

The Benefits Of Eating A Variety Of Food


  • Makes You More Versatile

When you go to higher-end restaurants, or other parts of the world, you’ll have a better understanding of rarer foods. Imagine going to Brazil and asking for a bacon sandwich, it just doesn’t sound right.

The menus in these places will probably be more like hieroglyphics to you than words if you’ve not tried more foods before. Broaden your horizons by trying more.


  • Improves Your Appreciation

How do you know that you don’t like something until you’ve tried it? If you want to increase your appreciation for other foods, and mature your palette, then new foods are essential. Over time your taste buds will change based on exposure. Just think of beer. I remember when my dad gave me a sip as a child, I hated it. Now I could quite easily drink a cold beer and enjoy the taste.


  • Prevents Socially Awkward Situations

Imagine being with a beautiful model in another country, then you go out for a meal with her parents. Next you look at the menu and have no idea what any of the foods are. Once the food arrives you’re plastering it with ketchup and making a fool of yourself.

By testing out new foods when you’re young, you’re able to understand your taste buds better. Therefore, the chances of you being in unfamiliar circumstances are rare.


  • Help To Embrace Culture

No one wants to die having just eaten a few set meals. Who doesn’t want to eat yams in Jamaica, fish in Norway or grapes and cheese in France? This kind of variety will turn you into a very cultured man.


  • Dietary Needs

Your body thrives off variety. Most people are deficient in zinc, iron, vitamin c and omega 3,6 and 9. By having a more diverse diet, it will enable your body to get the nutrients it needs and improve your health and appearance.


  • Helps You Enjoy Life

Everyone loves food. Just think about how many foods there are in the world. There’s even different ways to enjoy food, such as fresh from the tree rather than off the shelf. All of these methods should be enjoyed in your life, it keeps things interesting.


  • Sets A Good Example

When those around you are out of shape or unhealthy, it’s usually due to shared habits. For example, obese children are obese because there parents didn’t teach them the importance of good food when they were growing up. The parents also have to buy the poor quality food for the child, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to eat it.

By having a good and diverse diet, you set a good example for those around you to do the same. Good and bad habits are contagious.


  • Live Like A King

Around 100 years ago and beyond, people would eat bread, vegetables, the occasional fruit, a few nuts and meat if they were lucky. The modern era brings every food in the world to our tables. Why would you not take advantage of this?

In this age, we all have the ability to eat like kings. It would be a shame to not enjoy what so many others have gone without. Eat a wide variety of foods, try things you’ve never seen before and discover what you’re missing out on. At the end of the day, when it comes to eating different foods, WHY NOT?