In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success. Today we’re looking at Jason Atherton, a successful chef making £70m a year with restaurants all around the world.



Name: Jason Atherton

DOB: 6, September, 1971

Net Worth: £70m a year is the only available information

Initial Age Of Success: 30

Successful For: Chef/Restaurant Chains


Early Life

  • Jason grew up on a caravan site in Skegness UK
  • At age 11 Jason was told that he had to get a job by his parents in order to help out. He became a donkey boy waking up at 5am each morning
  • Jason trained for 6 weeks with the Army catering corp which he hated and after a few fights he mutually agreed to go back home
  • Jason got a job in a local hotel who immediately saw his skills. He was cooking food that he discovered in a cookbook from a local store. The food was French and really opened Jason’s eyes to what he could achieve
  • When Jason was 16 and his parents were on holiday, he ran away to London. He knew that if he was ever going to make it, then this was his only choice. Jason applied for many restaurants that offered one day trials to test your ability. He managed to land a job in a high quality restaurant in London



  • Jason learnt his trade in the top kitchens in the UK, France and Spain
  • In 2001 he joined The Gordon Ramsay Group as executive chef for Verre in Dubai
  • In 2005 he returned to the UK to open Maze, which was overseen by him and Gordon Ramsay with an opening in 2007
  • In 2008 this was followed up with the opening of Maze Grill
  • In 2009 Maze was opened in Cape Town, Melbourne and Qatar
  • In 2010 Jason left The Gordon Ramsay Group and started his own restaurant company called The Social Company, beginning with the launch of Table No.1 in Shanghai
  • In 2011 he opened UK based Pollen Street Social which has become Jason’s flagship restaurant earning a Michelin star and ranking as high as 3rd in 2016 in The Good Food Guide awards
  • This was followed by a string of awards and new restaurants in many parts of Asia and a recently opened restaurant stateside

Current Life

  • Jason can be found on UK channel BBC2 where he’s one of the chefs for “Saturday Kitchen”
  • He has 15 restaurants in multiple locations including London, New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Shanghai
  • Jason has released 4 books
  • Has 9 major awards to his name
  • Lives in South West London with his Wife & two Daughters
  • He Still considers himself a working chef by profession
  • Jason has also appeared in many high profile interviews including one for GQ which can be watched at the bottom of this post

Top Traits

  • Risk Taker
  • Highly Ambitious
  • Grit
  • Desire To Learn & Grow
  • Good with the basics
  • Belief
  • Desire To Be The Best

Top Tips For Success

  • Put in the hard work
  • Use your common sense
  • Focus on what you’re good at & work relentlessly on that
  • Make sure you want to be the best at what you’re doing

What Can We Learn From Jason?

  • Take risks in life, throw yourself into the deep end and learn to swim while you’re out there. Jason could’ve stayed where he lived, yet he was brave enough to venture to London and test his skills
  • Always aim as high as possible. Just because you’re starting from rock bottom, doesn’t mean that you don’t belong at the top. Keep putting that work in and one day you’ll earn your place among the elite
  • Place yourself at the top in your own mind, even when you’re nowhere near the top in reality