In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success. Today we’re looking at the YouTube sensation KSI.



Name: Olajide Olatunji

DOB: June, 19, 1993

Net-Worth: $ 3 – 4 million

Initial Age Of Success: 16-17

Famous For: YouTube


Early Life

  • On the 24th July 2009 in Watford England, KSI began his soon to be successful YouTube channel
  • KSI focused on gaming videos, using EA sports franchise Fifa, and Rockstar games cash-cow Grand Theft Auto as his two main focuses
  • His videos were soon recognized for their comedic value and energy, which gave KSI great retention. Whoever came across his videos, usually came back
  • KSI’s first real notable work came from fifafunnies. Fifafunnies were compilations made up of funny glitches from the video game Fifa
  • Regular content enabled KSI to grow to 7k subscribers in the first year
  • KSI’s growth was evident as he began expanding his channel from his room, to the streets. Here he conducted interviews and became far more creative with his content. This enabled him to attracted a much wider audience.



  • By the second year, KSI managed to acquire 21k subscribers, showing that his channel had potential to grow further
  • KSI has a great ability to set trends. This is evident through his multiple catchphrases and trademark actions. Examples include, “get hyper” “You mad bro?” His “deal with it” shades, “BEAST” and the “Still Speedin” theme song by artist Sway that was used in many of his videos. These trend setting actions enabled KSI to become memorable, which of course helped his growth dramatically
  • KSI eventually saw the potential of what he was doing. He decided to drop out of school and raised the number of videos he was producing to roughly 20 a month
  • KSI’s growth was so substantial that it enabled him to receive offers from EA, Microsoft, IGN and BT as an associate
  • The quality of his videos and the content became more professional, which displayed the amount of revenue he was receiving. Trips around Europe to Champions League football matches in the middle of the week were testament to this
  • KSI managed to feature on “No Sleep” a song by artist Sway, who was probably returning a favor after sales for his “Still Speedin” record skyrocketed thanks to KSI


Current Life

  • KSI has over 2 billion YouTube views collectively
  • He drives a Lamborghini Aventador which was featured in his music video for the song “Lamborghini”
  • His book “I am a bellend” debut at number 23 on the UK charts
  • He has recently released his first album called “Keep Up” which reached number 1 on iTunes for album downloads
  • He’s currently in the process of making a movie with the help of other You-Tubers
  • KSI’s YouTube channel has around 12 million subscribers as I write this
  • KSI bought a penthouse in London which can be seen by clicking the link (See KSI penthouse)


Top Traits

  • Bravery
  • High work ethic
  • Drive to do more in life
  • High energy
  • Contagious personality
  • Expressive
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Patient


Top Tips For Success

  • Ignore what they say and just do it
  • Do your research continuously, know your industry back to front
  • Be memorable
  • Get social/Use social platforms
  • Do what you like to do
  • Keep up with the latest trends


What We Can Learn From KSI

  • Success doesn’t happen overnight. After 2 years of work, KSI only had 21k subscribers, a far cry from his 12 million today. He could’ve easily dropped out during this period, but he continued to work in order to achieve success
  • Someone will always share in your interests. Who would’ve thought that a young 16 year old shouting about Fifa could become a millionaire?
  • Create viral content. Everything you do, should be memorable. Incorporate sayings, use trends to your advantage and stay ahead of the curve in terms of music and other content. By doing this you stay relevant and appeal to people emotionally
  • Dream bigger and bigger. Then dream bigger than that. A few million subscribers would’ve sounded like a dream to KSI when he began. 12 million subscribers, a Lamborghini, a penthouse, his own published book, a movie in the pipeline, a number one downloaded album, celebrity interviews and over 2 billion YouTube views would’ve sounded impossible. You really can push your life to ridiculous heights if you’re willing to put everything into it.


Best Quote

They should teach YouTube in schools

This is great advice. It shows you how the modern world has changed. A degree in quantum physics may now be less valuable than being able to use social media. Understand what’s important and focus on adding it to your skill-set.