Firstly lets start off by saying that any language is great to learn. There are no bad languages, every piece of improvement is a step in the correct direction.

However it must be said that certain languages have more benefits than others, and multiple areas of life are affected based on which you choose to learn.

The main languages that most people decide to learn outside of English are…

  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese

Most people learn a language for two reasons.

  1. They are intending to live there or visit this place often
  2. They like the language

The first reason is sensible but it’s extremely specific. The second reason lacks substance, it doesn’t really have a purpose, very much like school you’re going to be learning something that you’re not sure you’re ever going to need.

So which language do you choose if you’re simply looking to learn one for personal benefit?

Well lets firstly take a look at each language in depth. Below are all the locations that each language is spoken in.








where people speak italian


where people speach french as a language


where german is spoken


russian speaking countries



arabic speaking countries


where portuguese is spoken


So with these images what can we learn?

Well it depends on why you’re learning a language in the first place. One thing we must not forget is that this is a men’s self improvement website and women are going to be a major influence upon which language men want to learn. Therefore we have categorized languages into the following…


Best Financially – Which language is likely to make you the most money in the future?

Financially it’s hard to argue against learning Mandarin. China has a booming economy and the majority of business is being carried out in this area of the world.


Best For Attracting Women – Which language is spoken by the most beautiful women?

Of course beauty is personal to you. However just like sports teams, we can all weigh up a teams players and see who looks the strongest.


Of course English has a pretty good line-up with UK, Australia, USA, Canada, The Islands and places like South Africa who speak English just as well as anywhere else. But I’m guessing that most people reading this are English already. In my opinion Spanish has a dream team. Columbia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Dominican Republic doesn’t sound too bad. The women from these nations are known for their beauty and in my personal opinion, take the award here.


Most Populous – How many people in the world speak this particular language?


Again according to this we must give the award to Mandarin by some distance.


Number Of Countries – How many different countries speak this language? This gives you more places to visit.

The most widespread language is of course English. French comes in second for number of countries, followed by Spanish and Arabic. One thing you have to consider is the range. French is of course France, parts of Canada and many parts of Africa, Arabic is centered around one single part of the world and Spanish focuses highly on Spain and South America. For the greatest range French may be your best option.


Most Transferable – Is the language similar to others or is it very specific?

The most transferable language is a debate that could go on forever. But in my opinion Russian or Arabic may win this battle. There are so many countries that neighbor Russia and Arabic speaking countries and have adopted their dialect/words in their own languages. If you wanted to learn a language for the blunderbuss approach to save time, then Russian or Arabic may serve you well.


Location – This is personal to where you live. Why learn a language that is spoken on the other-side of the planet if you have no intention to visit?

This I cannot answer. However I can give examples. Someone from the UK should probably learn French because it’s next door and such a short journey. Someone from the USA should probably learn Spanish, because South America and the USA have been synonymous with one another for many years and Canadians speak English anyway.




world map of languages


  • Italian is a great language and one of the nicest places in the world. However, unless you’re planning on living or travelling there a lot, it seems like a poor choice to learn Italian. It’s simply not widespread enough, although the countries surrounding Italy and Italy itself are enough for any man. The same holds true with Portuguese, however with it’s close links to Spanish, it could prove to be an effective use of time. German is another language that has limited uses, although a beautiful place.
  • If you’re looking to make money, then learn Mandarin. China has a huge economy and opportunities arising every single day.
  • If you want to learn languages to attract women, then brush up on your Spanish.
  • If you’re looking for a two birds and one stone approach, then Russian / Arabic will help.
  • If you want to travel the world and visit various places then French is great, however with most Canadians speaking English it kind of muddies the French water. With this being said perhaps Arabic or Spanish widens your travel horizons far more.
  • As an overall super language, you can’t beat English, but for anyone looking to learn a second language, Spanish or Mandarin may take the prize in my opinion. Spanish if you’re looking to travel and enjoy lives comforts, and Mandarin if you’re looking to succeed and make money. Perhaps the smart man learns Mandarin first and Spanish second.

This article was not written to offend anyone of any nation, all countries have pros and cons, hopefully our readers will see the logic being used here and understand that this is not a personal attack on any single country or language but rather a way of helping people get the most out of their learning in the quickest time.