Leonardo DiCaprio knows how to command a room. After rubbing shoulders with some of the worlds most successful people for so many years, it would be hard to expect anything less.

In a recent BBC interview, this was clear for everyone to see. The producers and hosts of the show were all shocked at how Leo transformed from beta male to alpha male in a matter of seconds.

After much debate, they hired a body language expert to evaluate what happened during the interview. How did Leo go from Mr Average to an alpha male in front of everyone’s eyes?

In this post we’ll let you listen to the radio discussion, the body language experts verdict and the video of the interview. This will enable you to see for yourself how Leo makes that transformation, and how you can use his methods in your own life.

We’ll then conclude by going over everything we’ve seen and explain anything that may not have been clear from the video or sound-clip.


Listen to the sound clip below…



See Leo’s interview below…

At around 6 minutes and 15 seconds Leo comes alive. He goes from closed, submissive body language, to more open gestures. Watch as his hands come away from his stomach. Look out for the gradual increase in eye contact, and how he maintains each look for that little bit extra. His eyes go from having a lazy look, to being focused in a matter of seconds.

Even his tonality (voice) changes. Leo begins to speak in a more resonant and expressive tone. He’s bringing out the alpha male traits that allow any man to capture a room. This can be seen by how the two men’s roles swap around. The interviewer seems calm and in-control at the beginning. However, once Leo makes the switch he begins to dominate and make the interviewer appear uncomfortable.

Just watch how the interviewer starts making awkward movements and struggles to hold the same level of eye contact as before. In turn, watch Leo’s eyes get narrower as the interview progresses. Eventually it feels as though Leo is running the interview and not the interviewer.

At around the 12 minute mark Leo begins to make himself bigger. He starts looking at the floor less and he leans forward invading the interviewers space. This is a subconscious way of being dominant.

Some people may not be able to recognize the difference. But that’s the beauty of body language. It’s a hidden voice. We can all subconsciously read it, yet consciously, we’re completely unaware of what’s going on. This is great news for all men. It means full respect from men, and high attention from women, without them knowing why. Naturally they decide to trust their gut, and believe it’s because they like you/respect you. To everyone around you, you’re a natural alpha male.


There’s so much we can all take from these two sources of media, and even more that we can learn from Leo.

Firstly we must understand how powerful body language is. Leo managed to make people talk about his presence, even after he was gone. The subtle changes in the way that he sat, moved and spoke, made him attractive to the opposite sex and respected by all of the men around him.

We must also conclude something that I’ve been stressing for a few years. 99% of celebrities/top level people are educated in body language. If you want to make an impact, then body language is something that you really need to be taking seriously.

It was also clear that first impressions are everything. We’ve said before at MSi College, that you only get 7-21 seconds to make a first impression. This was evident by how disappointed the interviewer was in Leo at the beginning, he even stated that in the audio clip. This means that you should be focusing on how you enter a building, how you greet others, and that immediate impression that you’re giving off.

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered when it comes to body language. It’s something that you can stress or be relaxed about, depending on how you feel. Just as Leo saw that his body language had to improve, you need to deploy a similar method of analysis. Next time you meet other people, be-aware of how you respond, move and act. This will enable you to learn from your mistakes.

In regards to the expert talking about how to eat when on a date, she’s simply talking about mirroring. We prefer people who are the same as us, because it means familiarity. In order to avoid the dinner mistake, just let her take the first mouthful and then copy her pace of eating, problem solved.

For anyone wondering what the Beckham eyebrow looks like, then here it is.

david beckham eye brow