In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success.. Today we’re looking at arguably the worlds greatest living actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.



Name: Leonardo DiCaprio

DOB: November, 11, 1974

Net Worth: 245 million USD

Initial Age Of Success: 18/19

Famous For: Acting


Early Life

  • Born in LA, California
  • His parents divorced when he was a toddler, but he maintained contact with both parents
  • Leo loved imitating people from a young age and remembers watching all the great movies over and over again
  • He remembers his Mom driving him to auditions and sacrificing a lot to help him achieve his dream
  • Leo struggled to find an agent for many years. One agent even told him to change his name to Lenny Williams in order to get work
  • After many auditions Leo managed to land a string of minor TV roles. He also met his long term friend Toby Maguire while auditioning as a youngster
  • Leo made his film debut in a low budget horror called Critters 3
  • He landed his first big role in This Boys Life, staring next to Robert De Niro in 1993
  • Leo landed another key role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He received an Oscar nomination for this also in 1993
  • Leo displayed why he’s been so successful by hiring an acting coach, just after being nominated for an Oscar



  • In 1997 Leo landed the role that confirmed him as a big star, Titanic
  • He was also in Peoples Magazine as one of the top 50 most beautiful people alive in 1997 and 1998
  • Leo really concreted his status with the films Catch Me If You Can and Gangs Of New York
  • Beyond this point, Leo struck gold time and time again with his movie roles. Such titles included…Blood Diamond, The Departed, Shutter Island, Inception, Django Unchained, Gatsby and The Wolf Of Wall Street


Current Life

  • Leo is an avid Environmentalist, serving on the board of many conservation projects
  • He received his first ever Oscar for best actor for the movie The Revenent
  • Leo is infamous for dating a string of beautiful supermodels
  • He is still a highly active actor, and perhaps the biggest in the world in 2016
  • Leo lives a typical celebrity lifestyle


Top Traits

  • Perfectionist
  • Intense work ethic
  • Prepares greatly for every role
  • Confidence
  • Diversity
  • Staying power. ( Many actors have come and gone, but Leo has managed to stay relevant.)


Top Tips For Success

  • Stick with it
  • Be ready for opportunity, if you stay ready you avoid missing your chance
  • Follow your passion
  • Focus on being you, not what they want you to be
  • Feel like you belong from day one
  • Do something to standout


What Can We Learn From Leonardo DiCaprio?

  • The beginning is tough for everyone. Stick to what you know you can accomplish.
  • Rejection is part of life, if everyone tells you no, it’s not personal, it’s just a part of life. Don’t let others define you, be in-control of your own destiny.
  • You learn as you go. Leonardo wasn’t perfect from day one. He reports that working with Robert De Niro was life changing for him.
  • Keep learning and growing everyday. For Leo to hire an acting coach after being nominated for an Oscar shows incredible humility. You can never be too good or too big to learn from others.


Best Quote

If you can do, what you do best and be happy, you’re further along in life than most people