Testosterone is considered the male hormone. Women also have testosterone but nowhere near as much as men. Testosterone is responsible for forming the male sex organs, larger muscles, an Adams apple and so on.

This shows us that testosterone is responsible for making men, men. But it doesn’t simply stop at physical or aesthetic features. Testosterone contributes to building who you are. Your traits, daily behaviors and responses are all influenced by testosterone levels.

Think about alpha males within groups of animals. The alpha male lion, walks around proud, confident and sure of himself. He fears nothing. The alpha male in an ape troop, the silver-back, will strut around letting everyone know that he rules his territory. He will stretch out taking up as much space as possible, looking completely relaxed and in control.

Male humans operate in the same way. Everything from the way we walk, communicate and feel, has it’s roots in testosterone. Firstly lets take a look at the benefits of high testosterone and how it changes us.

Benefits Of High Testosterone For Men


  • High Sex Drive – This contributes to sexual magnetism which you can read about in the article How Sexual Magnetism Attracts All Women.
  • Improves Mood – Your heightened mood will rub off on those around you, making women enjoy your company.
  • Relieves Depression – What woman is going to spend time with someone who brings them down and makes them feel negative?
  • More Energy – More energy equals a more positive personality which is highly infectious.
  • More Optimism – Someone who’s optimistic is more likely to believe in themselves, making it far easier to bounce back from rejection.
  • Risk Taking Behavior – The man not afraid to take risks will spark a conversation with the woman staring at him all night. Unlike 99% of men who are happy to sit-back and let her walk away.
  • Improves concentration –  With improved concentration, you’re going to be more present when interacting with women, rather than looking around the room, at your phone or so on.
  • Improves Memory – Women hate it when you forget what they told you. Testosterone will act like your very own personal assistant, allowing you to appear more attentive.
  • Increased Confidence – Most men wish they had confidence, most men have low testosterone. The link is obvious. Men have far lower levels of testosterone than they did 30 years ago, and more men suffer from confidence issues. The evidence is there, we just need to take notice.
  • Lowers Cortisol – Cortisol is a stress inducing hormone that battles with testosterone in the body. The higher one is, the lower the other. Lower stress levels will also improve your life and boost your confidence since your body is not on high alert.

the side effects of low testosterone


At Wayne State University a study was carried out to see if high testosterone improved a man’s chances with women. The researchers, in their own words, claimed that the low testosterone men didn’t stand a chance.

Two groups of men, one with high testosterone and one with low, were put head to head in an attempt to attract a beautiful woman. The high testosterone men were convincingly more successful. The researchers reported that the high testosterone men were more assertive, controlled conversations better and clicked more with the woman.

In a separate study, it was even reported that women found men with higher testosterone more attractive based on their smell alone.

In every situation the high testosterone man is more likely to get the girl. He responds the way she likes, he behaves the way she’s attracted to, and his traits are what evolution has programmed her to look for.

Men have to realized that they were given testosterone for a reason. It helps us survive and succeed in all areas of life. Many men believe that high testosterone leads to hair loss, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Hair loss is down to a hormonal imbalance, however myths such as high testosterone have made them fear testosterone.


Aesthetic & Attraction Benefits


If that isn’t enough, then just think of all the aesthetic benefits that will improve your chances with women. Testosterone is responsible for making men look like men, this includes.

  • Chiseled Facial Features
  • Larger Muscles
  • Increased Bone Density – Which will increase the size of your body
  • Improved Skin
  • Cancels Out Hair Loss – By lowering estrogen
  • Deeper Voice
  • Less Fat

These are the appearance or natural masculine related features associated with high testosterone. It wouldn’t take a genius to work out that a man would become far more attractive if he could tick the box of each of the above benefits.


Submissive & Dominant


High testosterone works so well because it taps into our natural sexual urges. Men prefer their women to be smaller than them, with high pitched voices and no body or facial hair. Whereas women prefer strong and powerful men who make them feel feminine.

By having low testosterone, you go against everything nature intended. The modern woman is constantly frustrated by her partners, because most men no longer have what it takes to lead, support her and simply be a man.

Women are cheating more than ever, ending relationships like never before and acting more and more like men. They’re doing this because they feel like the dominant one in the relationship.

It’s time for men to increase their testosterone levels and return to their former selves. If you’d like to learn how, then click to read the article How To Increase Your Sperm And Testosterone Levels.