In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success. In this post we will be taking a look at the popular story of Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg.


NAME: Mark Zuckerberg

DOB: May 14 1984

NET WORTH: 42.5 Billion USD



MENTORS: Sean Parker, Steve Jobs

Early life

  • Born in New York to a dentist and a psychiatrist
  • Won prizes in science, math, astronomy and physics early on in life
  • Zuckerberg claimed that he knew how to read and write French, Hebrew, Latin and Ancient Greek
  • Captain of the fencing team
  • Father taught him Atari basic programming
  • David Newman was hired to tutor him. Newman later said that Zuckerberg was a prodigy, and that it was hard to stay ahead of him
  • He created Zucknet. A system that allowed his dad to communicate between home and his dentistry. Many consider it a primitive version of AOL’s instant messenger which came out the following year
  • In his high school years, under the name intelligent media group, he built a music player called the synapse media player that learnt users listening habits. It received a 3/5 rating in PC Magazine


  • Began Harvard with the reputation of a programming prodigy
  • He studied psychology and computer science at Harvard
  • He built course match in his sophomore year, a program that enabled students to match their studies with their friends
  • Created facemash, a program that compared the attractiveness of two people and then ranked them in an overall database. The popularity of facemash was so overwhelming that it proved too much for the Harvard network switches
  • In 2006 he started writing code for TheFacebook, 6 days after launch, Zuckerberg was faced with theft of intellectual property charges
  • He dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year to pursue Facebook
  • Changed the name to Facebook from TheFacebook
  • Facebook grew from a few schools to a global phenomena
  • Zuckerberg’s story was portrayed in the box office film The Social Network
  • Zuckerberg achieved the title of youngest billionaire ever at age 23

Current life

  • Facebook has around 1.5 billion users
  • Zuckerberg is now a respected and well paid keynote speaker
  • He is tackling global issues
  • He is trying to promote Facebook in countries all around the world. Zuckerberg claims his aim is to get the other 5 billion people using Facebook

Top traits

  • Visionary
  • Goes beyond his comfort zone
  • Willing to make mistakes
  • Willing to face criticism
  • He adapts quickly
  • Delegates tasks well
  • He builds the right relationships

Tips for success

  • You’ve got to have passion for what you do
  • Have a purpose for what you’re doing
  • Only add great people to your business
  • The product is never finished
  • Use partnerships
  • Ambition is key
  • Have a vision
  • Have great execution and stay focused
  • Determination
  • Timing should be seriously analysed

Best quote 

You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies