In body transformations we take a look at male fitness icons from all over the world. We breakdown how they achieved the perfect body and we reveal their top tips so you can begin your journey. In this post we’re taking a look at Matt Damon for his role in Jason Bourne.



Name: Matthew Paige Damon

Height: 1.78m / 5ft 8inch

Weight: 84kg / 185lbs

Age Of Transformation: 44


Workout Routine

  • It’s reported that Matt used the versa-climber often. This is a piece of equipment that mimics the crawling action and is used by many boxers. Matt completed 10 minute cycles, involving fast, medium and slow pace movements
  • Many of Matt’s exercises were based around functional movement, such as farmers carries. We’ve seen this a lot in many movie transformations. No longer can an actor just look good, they need to be believable in their movements too
  • Matt recalls multiple circuit training sessions, which are great for lowering body fat, but maintaining muscle
  • Bodyweight training was a must, in order to achieve proportionate muscle
  • The training on a whole covered all of Matt’s body parts. Each muscle was as important as the next
  • TRX training was a crucial part
  • 1 mile jog for his warm up
  • Full pace sprints
  • Half a mile jog cool down
  • Cycling
  • It’s reported that Matt ran 13 miles a day to strip excess fat
  • Kick-Boxing
  • Matt had a personal trainer throughout the entire process
  • It’s worth noting that Matt’s transformation occurred in two stages. He first stripped the extra fat gained during his movie The Informant. Then he worked on gaining muscle for the movie Jason Bourne. This process of cutting before you bulk has been seen multiple times in Hollywood, just take a look at our article, Why You Should Cut Before You Bulk



  • Lean chicken, egg whites and broccoli were the main foods. Other low calorie foods were sometimes added
  • Matt had no cheat day throughout the entire process and stuck to his diet like his life depended on it. Matt claims it was because he’s older now and his metabolism isn’t what it once was
  • Matt has admitted that he loves burgers and beers, he also doesn’t take care of himself between movies. This speaks volumes for his ability to commit to something just for the sole purpose of his career


The Numbers

  • Matt trained 7 days a week without rest
  • The training and diet lasted 4 months in total
  • Matt ate 5-6 meals a day depending on the type of training carried out
  • He also ate every 3-4 hours, which is another consistent feature we’ve seen a lot in these posts


What We Can Learn From Matt Damon

  • Matt claimed that getting in shape is a lot of no’s and not a single yes. He was referring to his diet and all of the temptations. Matt is someone who confesses to loving burgers and beer. We can see this during his time away from movies, his commitment to fitness completely evades him, and he packs on a great deal of weight. This shows us how powerful a WHY can be. By having a purpose for your weight loss, you can overcome all of the complications.
  • Matt listened to his body. He understands that he isn’t as young as he once was. He avoided having a cheat meal, because he believed it would do him more harm than good at his age. This is the complete opposite to 29 year old Michael B Jordan who ate regular cheat meals. You can read our profile on Michael B Jordan for his role in the movie creed by clicking the link.
  • Matt is just like the everyday man. He drinks beer, he hates working out and he eats poor quality food. Yet he still managed to get into great shape at the age of 44. It goes to show what’s possible, if you’re willing to give everything.


Before & After Pictures

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