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Every man knows the struggle of trying to bulk when they’re young. You get in the gym at 18 with aspirations of looking like the men you see in magazines and on social media, yet no matter what you do, how much you lift, nothing seems to change.

Of course there are those men who do bulk effortlessly at a young age, but I’d say that the majority don’t.

However, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Men tend to go through a second growth stage from around the age of 28 to 35.

During this period, if you’ve kept yourself in shape, you’ll go through a natural bulk. In this period you simply look more filled out. It’s well known that bone and muscle mass do peak at 30, and this could be nothing more than a result of that. But the evidence of a natural bulk beginning around age 28 is vast as we’ll see below.


Men Who’ve Bulked Later In Life

All of the men below have bulked at around age 28 and beyond. Many of the men below did this for movie roles, therefore they were aiming to do so aided by professionals.

However, is this a Hollywood secret? Do directors know that men get their best results during this period of their life, hence why they offer such roles to men within this age range?


Henry Cavill – 30

Henry Cavill had a very lean body in the film Immortals, you could see the first signs of him gaining muscle. At this time Henry was 28, right at the beginning of the male bulking age.

Fast forward two years and we have a 30 year old Henry looking twice the size for the Superman movie. As we said he trained purposely for this, but are directors using men of this age, because they know that they get the best results?



Tom Hardy – 31

Tom was always that youthful pretty body, who was in pretty decent shape. However at age 31 when filming Bronson, Tom took on a new body shape, one that landed him roles as much more fearsome characters like Bane in Batman.



Michael B Jordan – 28

Michael stared in a few teen style movies in his younger days. He then moved onto romcoms and other such genres. However at age 28 he was staring in the film Creed with a physique that was both ripped and muscular. He went from a boy to a man.

This of course didn’t happen overnight, but the closer you get to this age, the easier it becomes.

michael b jordan body transformation 


Chris Hemsworth – 28

Chris was a skinny surfer type from Australia when he first started out. This was until he turned 28 and landed the role of Thor. Now Chris is a walking muscle who can be classed as a masculine man.



Chris Evans – 29

Chris always had a ripped physique. He stared in the fantastic four and showed off his 6-8 pack. However it wasn’t until he turned 29 and was revealed to the world after an experiment in Captain America, that he really displayed the physique of a man.

Chris was easily twice the size in all departments. Did the directors select Chris because he was ideal for the role, or because he was at an ideal age for the role?

Captain america before and after


Simeon Panda – 27 – 30

The only non-actor on this list. Simeon Panda is a male fitness model. His actual age is not accurate, but we know it’s between 27 and 30. It’s funny how Simeon has really burst on the scene in the last 2 years due to his size.

He’s probably trained for 10 years straight, yet now he’s peaking. Is this a coincidence, or again a result of his natural age bulk?



Zac Efron – 28

We all still see Zac Efron as a kid, but he’s 28. Zac is currently going through his major transformation and has gained a huge amount of muscle in the last year.

Going from the teen heartthrob, to the hero cannot happen overnight. Zac is at an age now where his body is allowing him to take on the appearance required for these roles, and he’s growing every time we see him.



Miles Teller – 29

Anyone who knows who this guy is, will tell you that he’s not your typical gym goer. However now that he’s 29, he’s been able to add some good muscle for the upcoming movie Bleed For This.



Shia Labeouf – 27

It was in a Sia music video that we first saw Shia turn into a man. He was trapped in a cage looking nothing like the boy we got familiar seeing in Transformers.



Daniel Craig – 35

We first saw Daniels new bulked physique as he emerged from the water in Casino Royale as James Bond. Daniel had always been a skinny guy, but I guess the timing was right.



What’s Happening & How Does This Help Me?

These men all seem to be getting the best results of their lives, around the age of 28 to 35. Some of these men even have six packs prior to this, but don’t have the kind of bulk that they achieve later in life.

This proves that it’s not down to the fact that they’re going to the gym more. It’s because they hit a certain age where muscle growth becomes easier.

Yes they’re training for specific roles, or goals, such as bulking. But, it could be a result of directors choosing men within this age range, because they already know that the male body responds best at this time.


This helps you because it provides encouragement. It would be fair to say that most men enter a gym at some point when they’re young, or lift a couple of weights while they’re young.

However, most stop because they don’t see the results they expected. This post is to tell you that the best results of your life are coming, through the natural bulk that nature provides. Going from a boy to a man occurs twice. Once at 18 and once at 28, use both to your advantage and don’t stop training too soon.

If you’re already at any of these ages, then don’t miss out, this is a period of your life we like to call the male advantage. Use it, don’t waste it, at this stage men hold the power.

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