This article is going to be brief, but effective. If you’re looking to bulk or cut down, then milk can be your secret weapon for either aim.

Modern milk is pumped full of growth hormones, which can be essential for bulking. There is a debate about milk’s estrogen content, and I’ve been guilty of listing this negative feature in the past.

However it would seem that the extra calories you can consume, and the addition of growth hormones could outweigh the negatives of added estrogen, especially if you decide to do this for a short amount of time.

Our growth hormones also deplete significantly from around the age of 21, which makes milk extremely important for further growth beyond this point.

Milk is hardly difficult to consume, it enables those who want to bulk a chance to bump up those calories without going through the difficult “eating when you’re not hungry” process.

In fact many bodybuilders use the GOMAD technique, Galon Of Milk A Day. This is an easy way for them to consume massive amounts of calories without having to force food down. It must be noted, that if you’re looking to do the GOMAD technique, then some minor side effects can become present and should be researched beforehand.

In terms of cutting, milk can also be your best friend. As we claimed earlier, milk is easy to consume. This allows it to become your quick snack.

Most people eat whatever they can get their hands on when they’re hungry. They do this because they can’t be bothered to cook/wait. Milk enables us to get calories fast, and calories that surprisingly curb our hunger/cravings pretty effectively considering that it’s in liquid form.

If you could exchange 1 of your 5 meals a day with a pint of milk, then the benefits would be obvious, especially if this exchange is that later 8pm meal that you always struggle to keep clean.

All in all, milk is something that sits on the fence. Some people use it to bulk and cut, others stay well clear of it because they believe humans shouldn’t be consuming it after our earliest years.

In my opinion milk should be used sporadically for limited time. Lets say you want to bulk for the next 3 months, full fat milk from a region like Germany would be ideal. Then once you’ve achieved your goal, lay off the milk and go back to water.

But it seems that many people react differently to milk. Some people are of course lactose intolerant, and others can’t seem to go a day without it. In short, it’s worth a try, if it works for you then great, if it doesn’t then there are many other dietary routes to try.