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Many successful people get up early, but it’s not just for show. Of course time is continuous so technically you should be able to wake up at any time and stay up until any time and still get the same amount done. But it simply doesn’t work like that.

There’s something about the morning that fits our naturally circadian. That early morning light just gives us energy that we don’t receive at any other part of the day.

After a good night’s sleep you’re fresher, smarter, more alert and you have more willpower available.

This is why it’s so important to do things when you can be bothered to do them. It’s far easier to hit the gym at 7am than it is at 7pm, simply because you’re tired by that point.

No matter how you feel. If you put 5-6 solid hours of work in every morning, then it’s not a huge problem if the rest of the day is unproductive.

Of course it would be idealistic to work more hours. But many people struggle with motivation.

This is why the morning can be their greatest weapon. Wake up, work relentlessly, then slack off if you want to, the main works been done.

Like we said this isn’t an ideal way to work, but it guarantees far greater results than someone who starts every day slowly and then struggles to pick up any traction.


Slow Start

There’s nothing worse than a slow start to the day. It’s one of the main reasons why successful people get up early. Take Kevin Hart. In our role model article that we did about him, we stated that Kevin hit the gym at 5-5.30 every morning.

Kevin says that this is so he feels as though he’s done something with his day early on. That’s the key here, momentum.

It’s like the quote says, “start as you mean to go on”.

In simple terms, set a standard for the rest of the day.

Take Sundays as an example. Most will roll out of bed at 9am/10am, eat, shower, talk, collect their thoughts, then decide what they’re going to do that day, which sometimes turns out to be nothing at all.

The rest of the day then follows this trend, even if you wanted to do something. You’ll probably end up starting whatever you wanted to do by midday or 1pm, which simply isn’t good enough.

You have to become someone who thrives on being the early bird, someone who wants a head-start in everything they do. When everyone else is sleeping you’re up getting the jump on them.

Many people will claim that they do their best work in the early hours of the night, or late evening. Which may be true, but you’re not going to compete with someone who’s operating during the normal human hours.

There’s just something special about being ahead of the game before 9am when everyone else is just getting started.


Playing Catch-up

You really don’t want to be behind every day. You wake up at 8am, you rush to get ready, and then it takes you an hour or two once you get to work to sort everything out. You get home that night and you don’t have time to cook or go to the gym because you didn’t have time to do other tasks that morning. Therefore you grab a microwave meal and decide to go to the gym tomorrow.

This is just an example of what could happen, but more often than not it does. Early risers get things done beforehand, they constantly feel ahead of the clock.

Playing catch-up is not only tough, but it’s also draining. You feel de-motivated because you see time slipping away, it’s getting late or your energy levels just aren’t playing ball that day.


Life Hours

This is sometimes called sociable hours and it refers to the hours of the day that most other people are around for. That’s why on job descriptions for night-shifts, it says unsociable hours.

The earlier you get up, the more likely it is that you’ll be around for these sociable hours. Someone who claims to do their best work at 2am is seriously restricting themselves.

Let’s say that you need to contact a business to wrap up a deal. If you get up at 5am, you can plan everything out, be ready, and then make that call at 9am on the dot when they first arrive.

If you’re getting up later, but staying up later, yes you could do the same amount of work as someone else, but you’re asleep when everyone else is awake and vice versa.

Money exchanges hands from human to human.

Trees don’t pay us, walls don’t buy things, but humans do. This is why sociable hours are key to success. You need to be up early in order to be ready for this 9-5 stretch where nearly everything is going on.

Of course you can work outside of these hours, and I recommend it, but get your main human orientated tasks done during sociable hours.

There’s no point sending out 1000 business emails at 3am and calling it hustling, if the recipient is going to receive 100 emails at 9am from everyone else. Yours will simply be swallowed up because you’re operating on a different time scale.

As a side note you could be working with people in different countries, but most people do the majority of their work domestically so we’ll keep it simple.


Two Examples


Man 1:

Gets up at 8am, rushes to work. Is in a mess by 9am and doesn’t really sort himself out until 10am.

He didn’t have time to do 3-4 things this morning, therefore he’s already thinking about doing them when he gets home.

He’s forced to leave work late because he’s behind due to his delayed start. This means that he gets home at 6.30pm.

By the time he’s finished all of his tasks and eaten, it’s getting close to 9pm. He wants to exercise, he wants to work on tomorrows pitch, but he’s just drained and decides to watch TV instead.

This kind of life stems from late starts, and it can get ugly if continuous.


Man 2:

He’s up at 5am.

By 8.30am he’s managed to hit the gym, shower, eat, spend time with his family, plan out the day, make the calls he needed to make, check his emails and now he’s sat at his desk with time to spare ready to make those first calls of the day at 9am.

He goes home at night and has all the time in the world. He’s pretty much completed his day and decides to work on other projects that will further his life and career, including the pitch he nails the following day.


The Difference

The difference between the two is staggering. We all know people like this. One individual who always seems to have time, is never stressed and one step ahead at all times.

Then we know another individual who never seems to have time and always complains about a lack of hours in the day, but never gets anything done and never moves forward in life.

Don’t be this person, be the early bird. Give yourself a platform each day. Build that foundation with an early start combined with productivity. This will put you in a certain mind-set to achieve more for the rest of the day.

If you start work at 9am, then get up at 5am. This gives you 4 whole hours to prepare in whichever way you like. You could use the hours from 6pm to 10pm at night, but who has the energy, and to be honest who wants to be doing their toughest tasks at this time?

Start strong early, build momentum, get your mind in a certain gear, then the rest of the day will flow effortlessly behind it and get easier as time passes.

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