About us

MSI College is a men’s lifestyle website built to provide men globally with the finest and most engaging content in areas such as culture, fashion, fitness, success and more.

MSI College started out as www.mensselfimprovement.com, where it quickly began to gain interest from men all over the world. Due to it’s growing users, a brand overhaul had to be performed to match professionalism with popularity.

MSI College was formed with the aim of being the number one men’s lifestyle brand in the world. Somewhere men could gain exposure to a larger world, learn from others and achieve what they’ve always dreamed of becoming.

The future of MSI College looks bright, with consistent growth each month. We hope to bring you improved content in the following years

We’ve recently updated out website which is a testament to the direction we wish to take. We see MSI being as big as the likes of GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health and other giants within the male industry.

The possibilities for the future of MSI College are endless. We’re creating holistic men everyday, and we want you to experience this journey with the rest of the MSI College community.

MSI College Manifesto 

We aim to help men accomplish more with their lives, through our strong community and high level content. We want our content to be a bridge between who you are and who you want to become.