There’s one universal mistake that men make when they’re around beautiful women. Most don’t know they’re doing it, and the others just see it as normal behavior.

This mistake is treating some women better than others. The key to attracting any woman you desire is to treat them all the same.


Special Treatment

Firstly lets analyze how men react when they see a beautiful woman. Most men will stare, move in her direction and look for an opportunity to speak to her. But none of this is going to help, you’re just going to look like a fanboy.

A friend of mine once summed it up best of all. He said, you wouldn’t randomly approach a man you didn’t know and buy him a drink, so why would you do it with a woman?

It’s pretty strange when you really think about it. Going up to a girl you’ve never met and buying her a drink just because you think she’s beautiful. It says a lot about the person you are, that you’re willing to change your natural behavior just for the possibility of sex. This mindset is very primitive.

The modern man shouldn’t act this way. Women want equality, so why not give it to them. Behaving in a different way, changing your morals or making exceptions for beauty is something that weak men do.

mistakes with beautiful women


Understanding Beauty

In order to grasp why special treatment is a bad idea, you must understand the mindset of beautiful women.

Beautiful women are use to getting what they want. Every man from age 16 to 60 treats her differently from other women. Older men are the biggest culprits of this mistake. A few decades ago the world was a smaller place. The most beautiful girl in a town had 10 men she could choose from.

However with social media, improved transport and population growth, a beautiful woman now has millions of men to choose from. Telling a woman she’s beautiful and virtually begging to be with her no longer works. We’ve all seen an older man try and seduce a younger woman with methods that no longer work.

He’ll shower her with praise, talk about how lucky her boyfriend is and say things like “i’d do anything to be with you” as if she’s never heard it before. His methods are out of touch, and many modern day men are also falling into this trap.

A beautiful modern women has thousands of men chasing her all saying the same things. Beautiful women could go years without having to pay for a drink, even the bartenders let them get away with not paying. Beautiful women could get their rent paid 12 months in an advance if they really wanted too. They could also end marriages on a daily basis.

Hopefully this expresses how much power beauty has over the majority of men. This is why treating all women the same is so important. No man wants to be friend zoned, tagged along or a personal bank account for a woman.

The only way to avoid any of these traps is by holding each woman to the same standards regardless of how she looks. This is what top level men do. A man operating at the highest level of society wouldn’t even be aware of the women around him. He only gives people credit when they deserve it and he never makes exceptions for beauty.

The moment you show a woman that her beauty is a weapon, you’re done. She will use it to walk all over you, and eventually leave for a man who can handle her.



Next time you’re around a beautiful woman, remember that she’s no different to any other. She’s been genetically blessed, but it doesn’t make her immune to the rules and standards you set for others.

It sounds counter productive. Most men are still under the belief that treating women as if they’re better than the rest will get their attention. But the world no longer works this way.

The men who are attracting the most beautiful women are the one’s who treat them as if they’re regular.