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There’s been many articles and books written over the years that talk about the differences between successful and unsuccessful people.

Some of these reasons are extremely interesting, some are expected and others seem strange.

But from my personal experience, I’ve noticed one single trait that has more effect than all of the others combined.

This trait is obsession.

Some people have an obsession for their goals, some have an interest and then there’s those who have no goals.

The worst category to be in is of course the one with the people who have no goals at all. They’re life only really exists between Friday 5pm and Monday 9am.

The middle category is better but not by much, these people actually frustrate me the most. They always have potential, they always have goals and they always seem to know what they want to do. But they have a serious problem with execution, nothing ever gets done, only talked about.


Obsession Vs Interest

There is actually a quote that says, “It’s better to have one with passion, than 10 with an interest” and that applies to this issue too.

Wanting to be rich, wanting that promotion, wanting that car, is not enough, everyone wants things.

You have to eat, sleep and breathe your goals.

I use to hate this quote, eat sleep and breathe. How is that even possible? But later in life I realized what this meant. It doesn’t literally mean that the drink in your hand has to represent your craft or goals in some way.

It simply means that your craft, your goals or even your idea, has to be on your mind all day every day. I’m telling you guys, when you’re serious about something, I mean to the point that it consumes every hour of your life, you’ll be showering and thinking about it. You’ll be eating and thinking about it. You’ll be asleep and dreaming about it. Or worse you can’t sleep because you’re thinking about it.

Just last night I got into bed around midnight. Fast forward to 3am and I’m awake having a conversion with my business partner because I thought of a great idea for one of our businesses.

This is what eat, sleep breathe means. It’s not an interest it’s your only interest.


Nothing Else Matters

If you’re trying to be successful at anything, then having other hobbies and interests is kind of a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to go insane from doing nothing else every day, but at least 90% of your life needs to be focused on the end goal/vision.

Mark Zuckerberg was asked how many hours he works a day. He replied…

“If you count the time I’m in the office, it’s probably no more than 50-60 hours a week. But if you count all the time I’m focused on our mission, that’s basically my entire life.”

Firstly most people work 40 hours a week. So Mark is already beating them. Then on top of that he’s thinking about Facebook 24/7.

This is the obsession factor that we’re talking about. Just think back to when you played video games as a kid. There were games or even levels that you played relentlessly because you wanted to complete them so badly.

I remember playing call of duty so much, that I’d see the 10 points animation that would occur when you had a successful kill in my dreams.

Now imagine this level of passion and obsession for a business, a life goal, a great cause and so on. It creates a situation where work doesn’t feel like work.


Time Off

Want to see how successful you’re going to be? Write down what you did on your day off, the weekends, after 5pm.

If the answer involves watching TV, partying or even sleeping, then chances are you’ll never go much further than you are now.

If the answer is work on my craft, fit in extra training, catch up on work, then you may just be in with a shot.

You see, I’ll tell people that I work minimum 18 hours a day, usually 7 days a week, and they’ll gasp. But it’s not difficult to do when you genuinely want to do it.

A successful person doesn’t take days off, they just don’t want to. The average person lives for time off, they actually book days in advance to do things like watch movies all day.

A successful person however has the opportunity to take a day off, but they know they’d work anyway because it’s what they love doing.


How Do You Discover This Obsession?

Think about a job you hated, we’ve all been there. Your work rate is poor, you have no interest and you want to go home ASAP.

Then you get home and do what you love doing and wish that you could do it forever. Now imagine getting paid for doing that thing you love!

It’s like two different people. In a job you hate, you’re a terrible employee. In a job or business that you love, you’re putting in extra hours, you’d rather not have a day off and you’re never bored.

People always say do something you love and the money will come, and they’re right. It’s not some magic formula that wants to present you with your dreams like the end of a Disney film.

It’s just down to the simple fact that you’re willing to put in 100 hours a week. It’s down to the fact that you’re willing to take pride in your work. It’s down to the fact that every second of the day, you’re willing to think about your goals because they actually mean something to you.


The Ones With An Interest

You can become successful doing something you don’t enjoy, but the most successful people and the majority of successful people enjoy what they do each day.

If you’re doing what you’re doing for money, or because the job title looks good when you talk to women. Then you’re going to remain relatively unsuccessful in life. Sometimes money can actually be your interest and guide you to success, but it’s not sustainable.

Someone who’s thinking about their craft, idea or business 24/7 is going to make more mental links, come up with better ideas, improve on things already in place, and piece together the path for the future with far more clarity.

If you’re not putting in minimum 12 hours a day, minimum 6 days a week, then you won’t even get close to success.

Take Conor McGregor as an example. People will say that it’s impossible for him to train 12 hours a day 6 days a week. But it’s not all about the training.

Conor sits down and studies opponents he’s not scheduled to fight yet. He studies the greats, he obsesses over the movement of the human body, he hires new coaches to teach him about the mental side of fighting, he’s 100% studied body language to intimidate his opponents before the fight, this is obvious.

I would go as far as saying, that 70% of McGregor’s work doesn’t happen in the gym. You have to become a sponge to your industry, to other successful people, to those gone before you, to current news within your niche.

This level of hyper-awareness and daily obsession puts you so far out in front, that the competition can’t even see you.

Most people will never understand the word obsession. They have a brief interest in things, then give up. Don’t be this type of person.

Find what you love, become a student of the game and have a long term vision. I can guarantee that the title millionaire will end up next to your name if you do this.

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