This will only be a short tip but it’s highly effective.

Most of the women we’re attracted to we don’t know are going to be there. You don’t walk into a room and prepare for seeing a stunning woman.

You go from relaxed to surprised in a matter of seconds and it’s all over your face.

If the girl has any level of beauty then it’s a look she’s familiar with, which forces her to rank you as another fan.

The look we’re talking about is involuntary. It’s the one where your eyebrows lift, your eyes widen and your mouth slightly opens.

We’ve all seen the cartoons where the man’s eyes pop out of his head, his eyebrows lift dramatically high and his jaw hits the floor. Well this is a highly exaggerated form of something that occurs in real life.

The Science

Our bodies are designed for efficiency, just like every other animal on planet earth. When we’re frightened, surprised or taken back by something, such as beauty or sex appeal, our eyes widen like prey so that we can have a larger range of view and get a better look. Since it’s impossible to widen your eyes without lifting your eyebrows, and since your mouth decides to open unconsciously when this happens, we get a certain facial expression.

It’s one of shock and awe, which isn’t really something you want to be displaying when looking at women. It says to her, I’m beneath you in social value and I’m overly excited just looking at you.

The man who is relaxed and shows no facial changes, signifies that he’s high value and somewhat of a predator not prey which is key.

How Do You Prevent This?

Well since it’s natural, it’s pretty hard to turn off. Just turning your head quickly encourages this look, especially the raising of the eyebrows and the widening of the eyes.

Therefore the first tip is to move slower, take everything at a more relaxed pace.

The second tip is simply practice. It’s a body language tip, so over time, it will be unconscious if trained.

The third tip is control your emotions, because that’s where body language comes from. Don’t get too excited at the sight of a woman, she’s fully clothed, going about her day and a regular human being, there’s no need for your face to look like a kid in a candy store.

The aim is to have control over yourself and composure at all times like someone with experience would have.

The Advantage

There’s three distinct advantages of this.

  1. You don’t look like a young boy who’s obsessed with sex and hasn’t been around beauty a whole lot
  2. You feel more powerful within yourself, and more in-control around women
  3. You separate yourself from all of the other idiots with their eyes popping out of their heads

We can trick our bodies into thinking that we’re confident men, and this is the first step to achieving that until it becomes natural.