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The new Panamera is a car that ticks every box for the modern man in our opinion. Yes you may have to spend something in the region of $60,000 – $100,000 but what did you expect from the ultimate car?

The ultimate car has to be something you dream about having, something that’s worth every penny. If everyone could afford one then the prestige would automatically be lifted.

In order to see why the new Panamera is so great, we have to think about how the perfect modern man lives from day to day and how it matches to the Panamera.


Daily Life

The modern man travels a lot, the world is more accessible than before and longer distances are now considered drivable. It’s not uncommon for a 2-3 hour commute every morning.

The Panamera enables you to drive these long distances in comfort, combined with surging speed. You can imagine the Panamera driving across states or even across Europe, from country to country with ease.

If you traveled for 8 hours in most cars, it would probably feel like a chore. In the Panamera however the ride is comfortable, the interior is beautiful and calming, and the engine doesn’t rattle your brain like a Lamborghini would.

You’d probably arrive the other-side feeling somewhat relaxed and looking as good as when you got in.


Although men like to look good in their car, it’s inevitable that you’ll be using it for unwanted tasks now and again.

Try and take a Ferrari shopping, chances are, you won’t have enough space for your bags or groceries.

A Panamera however enables you to fit multiple suitcases in, golf clubs, even a person. These are all examples that Porsche have displayed themselves.


Unless you live somewhere like Dubai, you can expect to drive on uneven roads, country lanes, be stuck in traffic and more.

Ideally you don’t want to be doing these things in your typical expensive car. Try and get a supercar over a speed bump, it’s a hair-raising moment.

However a Panamera can deal effortlessly with these everyday problems. It will cruise through all environments and drive on any type of road.


Many men of course have families. The Panamera has 4 seats, with sufficient space. How many cars priced this high actually have 4 seats and can keep a family happy? There’s not many.

The Panamera enables you to live out your childhood dream of owning a fast, expensive, eye catching car, but still allows you to deal with all of your other daily duties.

The old debate of a man selling his prized car because he has kids on the way is over. The Panamera solves this problem in most cases. Of course three kids would be an issue, but the average family has 4 members in the modern era, it really is a car for all situations.


As a bonus, this car is quick, it sounds unbelievable when you want it to, it will turn heads, it’s classed as a top level car and it’s not actually that expensive when you look at how much you’re getting in return.

They’ve also cut off that ugly rear end. The new Panamera looks more like an Aston Martin, but with far more practicality and real world application.

It’s the type of car that you could buy with your life savings, and actually be applauded by your Wife, not divorced.

For us, the Panamera is the ultimate car for the modern man. It can do everything, ticks 99% of the boxes and is within a somewhat achievable price range for any man if you’re willing to put in the work.

Don’t agree? Just check out the video below.

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