People tell us that cocky men don’t attract women, yet we look at the likes of Mayweather, Ronaldo and pretty much any celebrity in history, and we can see that they do attract women.

Of course they have money and fame, but this is looking at the evidence from the wrong point of view.

Instead of seeing the money and the fame, we should look at what they’ve achieved and what they’re doing with their lives.

Being cocky may not be something that is advised as a personality trait, but if you are going to have it, then make sure people have a reason to say “he’s got a reason to be cocky”.

That’s the difference between men who are cocky and attract women, and men who are cocky and don’t attract women.

I’ve met so many men that are cocky, blow their own trumpet and talk about how many women they attract. Yet when it comes to attracting women, they end up alone or with the woman that nobody else wanted.

At this point you’d think that they’d admit defeat and change their personality to something a little less delusional. But they don’t, they still convince themselves that they’re a big deal and great with women.

It’s this arrogance and lack of self-awareness that prevents them from attracting the women they truly want. The problem with thinking you’re great (and I’ve been there) is that you become a big fish in a small pond.

Instead of testing yourself and truly evaluating yourself, you stay without your comfort zone, you go to environments where you’re top dog and so on.

This leads to limited growth and a lack of improvement because you don’t think you need it.

Someone like Floyd Mayweather may be cocky as hell, but he’s an undefeated boxer with millions in the bank. I’m not condoning his behavior, but if anyone ever had a reason, then that’s not a bad one.

Women meet him and they recognize his success, they know that he’s operating at the highest level and everything he says is actually the truth.

Women hate men who talk, talk and talk, yet have done nothing, aren’t going to do anything, yet continue to talk.

If you’re going to be the cocky type, then make sure you have what is needed to back this up.

The Minds Of Men

We men have something going on inside of our brains that is hyper-aware to attraction, or signs of attraction. We’ve all seen the movie scenes where the guy believes that the woman is highly interested in him, yet she was simply being friendly and has no interest.

The man wonders how he read the situation so poorly, and the woman thinks he’s weird. This is the male mind at work. A woman could smile at you as a sign of politeness, then the woman moves on and thinks nothing more of it. The man is telling his friends that she likes him, she’s always looking at him, “I think I could sleep with her tonight” you’ll hear him say.

We’re delusional when it comes to women.

So why does our brain do this? Why does it give us false hope?

It’s to make sure that we don’t miss a single opportunity to mate. If a woman was even 1% interested, then your brain sees that as good odds. It will make sure that every potential avenue is explored, consequently making you look like an idiot the majority of the time.


Now that you understand the mind of men, you can understand why some men are cocky and why we get men who are average at best, yet they think they’re God’s gift to women.

When I was growing up I had an above average body, I was average or slightly above in looks and I dressed pretty well. The only problem was I lived in a very small town.

For the area that I lived in I was considered a good catch. On a global scale their were men who made me look below average.

Due to my lack of self-awareness I believed I was high value. The men around me all had beer bellies and didn’t take care of their health. They wore the first thing that came out of the wardrobe and I believed I was high level because of this. This meant that I didn’t really improve for a couple of years, I was a big fish in a small pond unaware that the sea even existed.

Now I meet men who are where I was all those years ago and it’s hard not to laugh. They’ve probably been told by one or two average looking women that they’re good looking, and now they believe they could rival David Beckham for a spot in the next GQ shoot.

The truth is, you’re only as good as your competition allow.

The way these men behave and talk about themselves, you’d think they were billionaires who model for Gucci on weekends.

You’d be surprised how many men think this way. You don’t realize what’s going through peoples minds. Just take the Xfactor for an example. Contestants sing in-front of a judging panel and get told whether they’re good enough or not.

Sometimes someone sings and has a terrible voice. Anyone watching with half a brain cell would agree that they can’t sing. Yet when the judges give their negative verdict, the contestant loses it and claims that they’re wrong and they can sing.

This also occurs with men when it comes to how great they believe they are. John an average looking man in average shape, with an average income and an okay dress sense will truly believe that he can get any woman he wants. I’m serious, there are men like this, like I said I was one of them and many of you may be today.

My saving grace was Instagram in 2010 – 2011. Once I saw the standard of global men operating at the highest level, I matured, dropped the cockiness and got to work. We all need a reality slap to the face now and again, just to let us know that we’re not as great as we think we are.


Here’s a test for you. I know some people will still believe they’re great, and for all I know you might be. But as it may be the one thing holding you back from attracting more and higher quality women, let’s test it.

Are you in as good as or better shape than friend of MSi Sam Asghari below?


Do you have sculpted facial features at the level of Mario Rodriguez?


Do you have access to wealth of this level and pull up in whatever you want like Floyd Mayweather?


If the answer to all of these question is no, then don’t worry you’re in with 99% of the world. Global barometers are a reality check. I just wanted to highlight what being a 10 really looks like.

Many men will say that they think they’re a 7-8, but they’re being generous to themselves. If these guys above are at the top level, then in comparison, you’re probably operating at a 4-5.

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with this, but gaining this self-awareness of the bigger world will wake you up, force you to improve and prevent you from becoming a cocky man who’s got nothing to be cocky about.


Be confident, believe in yourself, but be self-aware and make a fair analysis of who you are and where you’re at. The girls you attract may be beautiful to everyone in your area, but someone from LA probably wouldn’t look twice due to exposure.

The truth is, women want confident men, but they don’t want you to brag about what you haven’t done or what you haven’t got. This is when it becomes arrogance.

I’m not saying save the cockiness for when you make it, this wouldn’t be right. But at least have something to back up your claims if you are going to make them.

You wouldn’t go into to court with a note signed by your Mother, so why would you believe you’re something special with little to no evidence?

Women will respond better to a man who’s honest about who he is, but works towards his ambitions every day, than a man who’s pretending to be there already, or who truly believes they’re already great.