how to deal with haters

The simple reason why most people won’t make it is down to their passion. As Eric Thomas says, “You don’t want it bad, you just kind of want it”.

Success isn’t a game. Success doesn’t reward those who don’t deserve it. This world is cruel, it’ll chew you up, spit you out and keep pounding down on you if you don’t decide to fight back and climb to your feet.

The problem with people that don’t make it, is they’re soft. They’ve never been down in life, they’re not use to grinding, and they’re not familiar with tough times.

They live a comfortable life, they’d like to be successful, but they’re not willing to die for it.

You’ve got to be obsessed with this vision of yours. It has to be all you think about.

I see all of these men talking about where they’re going to be in the next few years, what they’re working on and more.

But they’re not working like they need to, I know this for a fact. If people worked a full entrepreneur style week, most of them would quit on Sunday.

You can talk, talk and talk until the late hours of the night. But if you’re waking up each morning with that same deflated desire, then kiss goodbye to your dreams. You’ll end up like every other man in this world.

Happy with the average life, happy with good enough, happy with a 2 day weekend and 5 days at work.


Eyes Bigger Than Your Work Rate

Without that sickening desire burning around the clock, you’ll never even taste the good life.

Men talk about having the most attractive women, they stare at these beautiful women on Instagram all day and talk about how they’d love to have them.

But I already know that they’ll never reach these women. They don’t have that inner desire to do what it takes to get to their level.

These girls aren’t playing. They’re earning millions, they’re studying the industry to learn the behaviour of men, and they’re playing you every single day.

These girls are making serious cash, they’re fulfilling their dreams, and they’re putting in the work.

People talk about a certain car like they’re going to drive it one day, but they’re living in a fantasy world. You’re not going to get anything working like Mr Average.

I could tell anyone how their life is going to go just from seeing their average day. Just a single day and I could tell you if you’re going to reach the level you want, or if you’re going to remain mediocre like the rest of these talkers.

Actions speak louder than words, and that’s the best part.

It’s not now that we’ll see the results, it’s 10 years in the future when the truth is revealed.

If you’re not immersed in what you do with every waking minute, then life will pass you by, you’ll be another failure and bitter at the world.


Blaming Everyone Else

You’re lucky, I wish I had your life, why can’t I be rich?

The people that say these kinds of things are the laziest.

These people are bitter at the world, they’re lost, and they lack that passion to do more.

Successful people are animals.

The boardroom stuff, the nice cars and the women, all of this is for show.

What goes on behind the scenes is raw emotion. Steve Jobs wasn’t a nice guy, in fact he was a bit of asshole.

He got angry, he screamed at people when they didn’t do their job and he fired people on the spot.

Steve Jobs didn’t mess around. Your success is serious. You can’t toy with this.

If you think success is something that just happens, then you can give up now. Success arrives when you stop making excuses, when you go down to your last penny, when you work on your day off, when you decide no more days off, when you ignore that text from the beautiful woman in order to get a task done.

The problem is, this soft generation aren’t ready to do all of these things. All they want to do is sit around, look good, talk about everything, but never actually get up grab success by the horns and do what is needed.

The difference between a successful person and Mr Average is that the successful man doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes.

Successful people don’t pick the easier task, they don’t do the thing that makes them look good. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in cargo shorts and sandals. The guy didn’t care what he looked like, he didn’t care what obstacle he faced, he just gritted his teeth and got on with it.

Now he advises Presidents and has billions to his name!


The Trenches

There’s two types of people in the trenches, those who keep their heads down and those who fight their way out.

If you’re living the good life before you have it, then kiss goodbye to success. You’ll never have the cars, the clothes, the women or the cash.

It’s time to toughen up. It’s time to accept that you’re about to endure the worst period of your life.

Some men crumble under pressure, some men can’t deal with pain, some men just duck every problem that comes their way by going off and doing something else.



You can have your fancy office. You can post your motivational quotes. You can tell the entire world how great you are and then do nothing to back it up.

But you can’t deal with being in the trenches. With working day in and day out.

This has to become what you live for. This has to become the one thing that brings that demon out of you and makes you reach down to the bottom to see what you have left.

Thrive on the pain of hard work, thrive on doing what others aren’t willing to do, grit your teeth and do what not even you want to do.

If this means going to bed at 2am and setting your alarm for 5am, then so be it. Don’t moan about it, just do it.

Its decisions like these that separate the real from the fake!

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