Monthly Subscription Box For Men

As a New York City based company, we understand that style is continuously evolving and can be very expensive. Keeping up with trends can be difficult and time consuming but most of all it drains your bank account.

We created SprezzaBox to change all that.

We curate the latest fashion accessories and provide them to you at an extremely low cost every month. We strive to keep the product mix fresh in each box so that you will always look dapper. Best of all, we partner with some amazing new companies to help you discover new brands. It’s like a present to yourself every month!

Website: https://www.sprezzabox.com/

Email: info@sprezzabox.com

Carl Friedrik

Carl Friedrik

Quality Leather Goods

We’re brothers Niklas and Mattis Oppermann and in 2012 we founded Carl Friedrik. The idea came from the both of us frustrated with the lack of well-designed, quality leather products that we wanted for ourselves or as gifts for friends.

Growing up in Sweden, and with Mattis background in industrial design, our inspiration was clear: Less is more and form follows function. That’s why you won’t find hundreds of pockets cluttering the design, but only the essential features that add value.

We choose to work exclusively with naturally tanned leather, and use it for all our products. We love it because its production method is sustainable, its quality is unsurpassed, and its natural finish is one of a kind.

Each component that goes into making a Carl Friedrik product is individually selected from the best suppliers in Europe. With full control of our supply chain we’re able to ensure the highest quality – from production processes down to the choice of thread.

Website: https://www.carlfriedrik.com/

Email: contact@carlfriedrik.com



Minimal, Affordable & Charitable Watch Brand

Arvo is a minimalist Utah watch brand located in the amazing Salt Lake valley nestled between the Oquirrh and Wasatch mountain ranges. A portion of each watch they sell goes towards funding charitable projects around the world. So far, they have been able to help: clothe the homeless, raise money for education in India, promote community involvement with Utah’s refugee program, help fund missions to end child extortion and slavery, teach leadership and team working skills to future leaders, and fight in the battle against cancer.

Since Arvo was born, they’ve worked hard to ingrain themselves into the communities they serve. By selling quality minimalist products they can have a larger platform to change the world. Their community of loyal customers and fans are making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. Through these combined efforts, they are building a movement to give back and serve others. “Alone we are small, but together we can achieve great things.”

Website: https://www.arvowear.com/

Email: support@arvowear.com


Wet Shaving Products (WSP)

Wet Shaving Products (WSP)

Shaving Products For Men

We make craft, small batch soap, shaving products, lotions, and balms with natural ingredients for men who want the best and shave against the grain. We are a daddy-daughter team dedicated to producing American made, high quality, small batch grooming products for men.

Our mission is to improve men’s grooming, one person at a time, by offering the best possible grooming products at reasonable prices. We want to turn your daily chore into a daily indulgence. We want you to look your best, smell your best, & feel better by shaving against the grain with WSP.

Website: https://wetshavingproducts.com/

Email: help@wetshavingproducts.com




In January 2015, after struggling to find great ties at low prices, Nate Ipsen had a dream to design & sell skinny neckties at competitive prices. Simply Skinny Ties was born providing customers with a line of unique ties of unbeatable quality.

As the business grew, Nate (with the help of a few creative geniuses) decided it would be best to change the name of the company. He didn’t want to simply sell a product with a name on it. He had a strong desire to create a brand that people could be a part of, because our customers are what make our products so great.

Months of brainstorming finally led to a name that we fell in love with. We wanted a name with meaning behind it. We came across the word DASI which is Indonesian for “necktie”. We decided to switch the S to a Z to make it our own. DAZI [daw-zee]. As we continue to grow, we will always be reminded of our roots where it all began – neckties. We have a strong desire to continue creating products that are as unique as the people who buy and wear them.

Website: https://www.daziusa.com/collections/neckties

Email: info@daziusa.com

Pierro Shoes

Pierro Shoes

Men's formal shoes

Pierro Shoes was created with the modern man in mind. Those who enjoy fashion, pride themselves in their style, and have luxurious taste will be satisfied here. We offer rare materials such as genuine python, crocodile, stingray, and ostrich that you won’t find anywhere else. Our products are guaranteed to catch you attention and increase your confidence knowing you’re wearing only the best.

All of the Paul Parkman and Oscar William products we sell are hand crafted, stitched, as well as painted. Special attention is given to the construction of each item. Only the highest quality and rarest materials are used to create these detailed pieces of craftsmanship.

Shipping is on us and from our pocket, so sit back and relax while your order arrives.

Website: http://www.pierroshoes.com/

Email: sales@pierroshoes.com